Tuition teacher

I am a regular reader of this site and realty thankful for giving wonderful stories. I went to share one my experiment with you. It was 7yrs back when I was a student of class 12 and was preparing for my board exam. I was finding some difficult in economics. 

My mother went to our neighbor Mr. Surjit Das as his wife was post graduated in economics and requested Mrs. Das to teach me economics. She agreed and told my mother that she could teach me from 6pm onwards. My mother agreed, and the very next day I went to her place at 6 pm. 

Now let me tell you about the Dasâ?Ts family. Mr. Das was a businessman and he usually returns at 10pm and Mrs Das, her name Sangita used to stay alone as their servant a part time worker leaves at 6pm. Sangita Das is about 35 yrs fair to look at with a height of 5.6â?T and a vital statistic of 36 24 30. By looking at her one can say that she is about 25yrs of age. They had one daughter who is 12 yrs old and stay at hostel in Rajasthan. 

Coming back to the point, as I reach her place she welcome me. By looking at her I was lost in desire she was wearing a light black transparent sari and a low cut blouse from where her cleavage could be easily seen. I went inside and she started teaching me and I started looking at her and her cleavage. Perhaps she notices me looking at her but she did not tell me anything. The next day I went and was surprise to she her as she was wearing a tight T-shirt where from above her boobs shape could be easily seen. I was looking at it while she was teaching. This happens for about a week and my desire for sex was rising each day I looked at her. 

It was on the 8th day as my parents had to go for a party I went to her place at 7pm. At about 8pm she finished teaching me and I told her that my parents had gone to a party and would return after 10 pm so I want to stay their till 10. She agreed and she went inside and brought two cup of coffee we took it and she put on the tv. In one of the local channel English film was going on where kissing of actor and actress was going on. I started looking at and suddenly Sangita switch it off and started talking with me but the kissing act of the movie and the cleavage of Mrs. Das was in my mind. 

While she was talking to me I was looking at her and as she was wearing a skirt her feet could be easily seen and I was looking at it. After about 10-15 min. later I saw that sangita was also becoming red and suddenly she ask me if I want to see what I wanted for. I without wasting my time I said yes. She at first removed her t-shirt and skirt and bra. I was mad to see her naked boobs. I hold it and squeezed it. I then removed my cloths and she sucks my tool which was burning and I eject inside her mouth. She was already in fire I removed her panty and lick her pussy for bout 5min and she requested me to fuck her with my tool. I did and after about 15 min I eject inside her pussy. And this went in a regular basis after tuition I fuck her. Now she is 42 and still our relation is going on and through our relation she is having a son who is 6yrs old now.


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