The punishment Sex Story

I had just appeared for my Honours exam and had plenty of time at my disposal.Since I had rented out a flat the expenses were high so I decided to utilise my spare time in giving tuitions. Earlier there had been quite a few enquiries but I had refused due to the pressure of studies.But this time it was a different story. When Pallavis mother approached me for guiding her Std.IX daughter in Science, I gladly agreed but the child was weak in the subject and had dropped a year. Though she was below 
average in Academics she was very beautiful and so I did not need much motivation to accept the challenge. 

She turned up next evening. She lived in the same building. When I opened the door I found the shy looking girl dressed in a frock which did not match herage or build. It was a good 4 inches above her knee and when she sat down at mystudy table beside me, it crept up a little more. Drawing my attention to herbooks I began giving the lessons but she continued to look at me, I must admit, that I am a bit handsome. 

I warned her mildly to concentrate on what I was saying to which she pulled her chair closer to mine, so close that her thighs were touching mine. I skipped a heart beat. She had a sexy voice and made the best use of it. To my great surprise I realised that I was getting drawn towards her. The next day when she turned up she was clad in a split skirt, the slit being in the front. What I felt odd was that when she took her seat her upper thighs became exposed. I wondered how her parents had allowed her to wear such a provocative dress. I was to later learn that on that day she was alone in the house.The blouse she was wearing was made of a transparent lacy material and provided sufficient view of her bra. She had well developed breasts which were the subject of debate among the youth of our building. 

One day she committed a serious blunder while answering a question, I couldnt contain my anger and thought of slapping her but at the last moment gave her a pinch on her thigh.The rebuke sort of encouraged her to commit more errors, some intentional, till such time that I had to keep my hand on her thigh prepared to give the pinch. The thighs felt warm and soft and I must admit that on one occasion I couldnt resisit the temptation of caressing her thighs. I made itlook like an accident. While she was solving the problem in physics I placed my hand in anticipation of a mistake, but making sure it was on the exposed skin revealed by the short skirt she was wearing that day. As she commensed to make errors which were quite predictabe I began to move my palm up. By the time she had completed it I had reached within reach of her panties but decided to stop. 
I could see that she was gulping and her hands were shivering. At the end of the lesson that day she complained to me saying that I had been too harsh with her and that I had caused pain by pinching her the previous day. She lifted her skirt to her upper thighs and showed me a red mark which she claimed I had made but I knew quite well that I had never pinched her that high, it was a self imposed wound and the purpose to expose her thighs to me. 

The next day I had kept a test and told her to prepare well for it. I stressed that she would have to score a minimum of 80% else I would stop teaching her. When she appeared at my door the next day she was a bit sombre. She had put on the black short skirt and a red T shirt which she used to often wear. Keeping in mind the test she had come only with a blank copy. I had prepared the paper in advance and immediately presented it with the time limit of one and a half hour. Since I had some washing to do, I told her to do it while I did my own. She set about solving the paper quietly. All the while I kept myself busy in the bathroom and could not see what she was doing.After about an hour when I peepedin I noticed that she was busy doing something under the table. My curiosity rose and I watched stealthily. Since she had my back to me, she couldnt see that 
I was watching. I creeped up behind her and to my great shock noticed that she had written some notes on her thighs and was now copying from them onto her notebook. I immediately pounced upon the culprit who instasntly covered up herthigh and feigned ignorance. I pulled her up violently from her seat and taking the seat beside her trapped her between the chair and the table, between my legs. I asked her for the last time what she had been doing. She looked like a frightened doe but still did not diverge the truth. I couldnt contain my anger and yanked up her skirt high above her waist revealing her panties and all. She 
was caught, her inner thighs were covered with minute writings, the answers to most of the important questions. The sight of the black lacy panties turned me on and an idea came to my mind. I began to insist that she had chits of paper on her person. She protested saying that she had none but how can one believe a thief. So without her approval I raised her T shirt above her breast. She was wearing a black bra and I mercilessly turned her around and stood up. Inserting both my hands under her armpits I proceeded to shove them under the bra. It was tight but with some force my palms were in. To search better I pulled down the shoulder straps and scooped out the soft breasts. The nipples were tight and I couldnt prevent myself from giving them a squeeze. The search of the torso completed I proceeded downwards. I pushed her down hard on the table till she lay face down on it, her feet still on the ground. In this position her buttocks stood out. Once again I yanked up the skirt and rolled 
down the panties. I stood behind her and passed my hand over her front, touching her pubic hair and the vagina in the process. When I shoved my right hand between her legs from behind she let out a soft moan.I spanked her hard on the buttocks leaving the impression of my five fingers on the pink background. She uttered a slight cry of pain. I continued to caress her or so to say search her.On being asked why she had cheated she began to cry saying that she liked me and could not afford to stop taking lessons from me. I tried to remain unmoved by the explanation and in a harsh voice said that I did not believe a cheat. The 
test was to be repeated the next day. 

Once a thief, always a thief.I kept alive this principle. So when she turned up the next day I made her stand before me while I sat on the sofa. She was to be searched.The suggestion seemed to amuse her.Even before I could proceed, she removed her T shirt and stood before me as if tempting me to try my hand at her breasts. I stood up and with an unconcerned look on my face inserted my hand down her cleavage and moved my palm around feeling the soft breast and the hard nipples. The bra being too tight could not accomodate both of us, the bra lifted up and one of the breasts burst out panting for breath. I pulled at the folded bra with both my hands making both the mammaries come out of hiding. I bent her body over the sofa and set to search her bottom. She was clad in a pair of jeans pants and with some effort I undid the zipper and hook. I required her help in 
undowing it. She insisted that she would remove it completely to prove her sincerity. Once it was done away with she stood before me, a damsel in a panty and a useless bra. The position of the bra and the tight elastic made her breasts stand out more than before. I had plenty of work left, so without wasting my time I passed my hands over her legs, looking closely at her thighs, only to catch their beauty and smoothness. 

The next day she made a strange request, she wanted to sit on my lap and study. I was too startled to say anything. Without even waiting for my answer she came and sat down on my lap. The distance between me and the table was short and she 
had to push herself to find accomodation. Her short skirt rode up her thighs in the process. I tried to act normal but after a while she began to move around a bit. My penis had expressed its delight long back and it was not pressed against her buttocks. As I was solving a problem in Physics she suddenly bent forward raising her body a little and in the same motion freed her skirt from under her buttocks. I continued to teach but she seemed to be slipping off so in order to support her I tried to pull her up. While doing so I discovered that she was not wearing any panties. I gave her some problems to solve. I was yearning to touch the soft globes and on the pretext of adjusting my pants I inserted my hands under her skirt. The feel of soft flesh against my bare hands was wonderful. I caressed her for some time. Then finding no protest from her side slid my hand 
under her T shirt. I moved my palms over her belly and finally to her bare breasts. After massaging them for some time I picked up the courage to raise her T shirt exposing her breasts.She acted as if she was busy with her studies. 

Her education continued at a regular pace and before long she began to show signs of improvement. But time and again I had to motivate her. To her the only thing that mattered was my love and care and for receiving this she was willing to go to any extent.


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