The Conference Room

Hi, I'm Vineet from Dombivli. I'm 31, single, slim and fair. Right from the time I began understanding the meaning of sex, I have been attracted to older women. And so it came to be that in my work place, I began to get real attracted to a lady called Lata. She was 40, with a teenaged daughter. Her husband was in the Gulf. Now, Lata was on the heavier side, black skin colur, but nice features. 

She used to always wear tight, low cut blouses and semi-transparent sarees. Whenever i went to talk to her, I couldn't help stare at her sexy, black back, with the love handles begging to be kissed. And when she bent to pick up something, I could see her belly and one breast pushing against the blouse from the side.Many a times, I used to meet her, then go to the loo and masturbate.She used to notice me staring, but never attempted to cover hersel up - she used to simply smile. Once, i was in the company conference room going over some documents. This room was in a isolated building from the rest of the company. Just then Lata walked in. 

She was wearing a pink saree and matching blouse. After we said Hi to each other, she said she's come for some file and went over to the table. She was standing and one hand on the chair, the other flipping through a file. I went over to speak to her, and my crotch brushed her hand. I had half a mind to step back and apologize, but she didn't say anything. She conitnued staring at the file, while she made no attempt to move her hand. So, my crotch kept pressing against her hand, and my erection began to grow against her hand. She stood still - then, looked at me and smiled. I don't know what happened, but in a flash, i was standing behind her, rubbing her soft, mature breasts, her hand squeezing my hard-on through the trousers, our lips locked in a furious and wet kiss. The kiss went on for some time. 

We were breathing heavily, and then, I slid my hand into her blouse, cupping one nice, soft breast. She moaned, and she unzipped my trouser, her hand fumbling inside. I opened two buttons of her blouse, and moaned - she'd worn a black bra. I pushed one cup down and groaned when I saw her beautiful, black breast. I began licking her nipple, until it became as big as a toothpaste tube cap. I sucked on her nipple, then began to lick the other breast. Her hand found my penis, which was hard and throbbing. She turned around and pulled my trousers and frenchie down. My erect penis jumped up and she moaned. Her hand, reached out and began massaging it. "God, it feels so nice.." she moaned. Then she kneeled down and took my penis into her wet and hot mouth. i began to moan, as her mouth sucked hungrily, devouring every inch of my hard meat. Her hand squeezed my scrotum. 

Then ,I said, "Lata, stop - I'm gonna come.." She reluctantly let go of my cock, which was shining with her saliva. She stood up, raised her saree and lay on the table, so that her crotch was at the end of the table. I moaned. Her black, fleshy thighs were beautiful. She was wearing a pink panty, which looked even more erotic against her colour.I began licking her thighs, slowly, enjoying the taste of her skin, then reaching up to her inner thighs, licking through the fabric of her panty. She was moaning loudly, now. 

I turned her around, and pulled down her panty, and gasped when I saw her nice plump buttocks. I licked her black moons, till they were glistening with my saliva. I parted her buttocks and licked her puckered anus. Her hand kept pushing my head further into her bums. "AAAAA"... she moaned. Now, I had to have her. I turned her back and she hungrily parted her legs. I saw her wet pussy, the white cream trickling down. I inserted my thick cock into her soft, heavenly, wet vagina, and began thrusting. She responded with every thrust, banging me back, moaning, kissing and groaning. Then she tensed up and breathed, 'I'm coming, I'm coming.." I moaned and said, "So am I.." and then, I erupted inside her. 

She let out a small scream as she felt my hot semen enter her hungry belly. We lay there for sometime, before dressing up, kissing each other, and going back to work as if nothing had happened. We had regular sex for two years. Now, she's gone to Dubai and I'm looking for a mature lady to have passionate encounters. 

If you're a lady above 30 ,staying in Dombivli/Thane area, and looking for passionate and steamy sessions, email me at I promise, you won't be disappointed.


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