Sex with company GF

I am pravesh of Delhi. I am 24 years old working for a company as bio medical engineer. I reside in east delhi with my parents and younger sister. 2 years back I was working for another company. There was a lady, Deepa, working in the same department. She was residing very close to my residence. 

This all happened very slowly. Both of us are unmarried and this was over first love. We got closer slowly-slowly. We were coming back to our home from office together by bus. We talked a lot about our family and our relations became stronger and stronger. As both of us were earning a handsome amount and none of us were having a family responsibility, so this was all like a pocket money for us. So we were not concern about money. 
Once I proposed her to go for a lunch with me and she agreed. So the routine of lunch and parties started. We were having nice time but we never did any thing.......... 

She was 21 at that time, fair and sweet voice with little thin body. Her boobes were not very big, but she was very cute. 

Later we started travelling in Auto in our return journey. These were winters and it is Dark in the evening at 6pm. This was a 50 minutes journey form office to residence. In this journey, we spent a lot of good time with each other. We were sitting with our hands in each others hands and her head on my shoulder. Initially I used to rub her hairs with my hands. Then once i kissed her on her forehead and she liked it. Then after few days I kissed her on her cheak and rubbed her back and shoulders. She liked all of this. She was always wearing a suit. We became more frank. We used to talk about her periods also. 

One evening in auto, while rubbing her face, back and shoulders, I passed my hands on her boobs inside her bra. She resisted little initially but later enjoyed it and allowed me to do it. Her boobs were hot and hard. Her nipples wer big and semi hard. I slowly rubbed them and she enjoyed it very much. Her eyes got closed. I kissed her on her cheak. and she replied in the same way. I was very hot also. Then auto stopped on a red light and we returned to normal sitting position. We looked in each other's eyes. She was looking dam sexy with a lot of lust in her eyes. Auto started again and i kissed her on lips and she replied very hotly. 

Then it became a routine. In our return journey, we were enjoying in the same way in darkness in auto. Kissing, massaging of boobs and all this. But sex pleasure is incomplete with FUCKING. and the same was missing in our relations. So I decided to make her ready for the same. But indian girls are normally not ready for this before marriage. And so was Deepa. So I made her slowly slowly. I touched her CHOOT with her suit on. And really she liked it. One day I slipped my hand in her salwar and panty and touched the Hot juicy hole. She was dam hot at that time. and bit my shoulder. 

So i decided to make the two ends meet. I discussed it with her, and she said no. I said I will only masturbate you and you do it with me. Also we can have oral sex. But she didn't agreed. So one day in auto, I massaged her pussy and made her cummout there. And she was mad. I said I also want to be finished. She said I will do it. But I said want to take my dick out of my pant, which was not possible in auto. So she agreed for my plan. 

I got the chance. Once my parebts were out of city for 2-3 days. My sister was also with them. They have return on monday. So i told her about this. And we made a plan to meet at my residence on sunday which is our off. She told in her home that she is going for some seminaar. 

She has to come at 11am. I got up early in the morning, got a shave on face as well as dick hairs also, took my bath and took my breakfast. Then I went to the video parlour to get some XXX movies. I also purchased comdoms. Nearly at 11, the bell rang. I opened the door and she was there wearing the suit which I like most. I welcomed her with a smile. She came in and I closed the door. As i did this, she came close to me and we took each other in our arms and pressed badly. Both of us were breathing warmly. I lifted her in my arms and took her in the drawing room. I made her sit on sofa. I offered her some water. She pulled me on sofa, and put her head on me. I starting rubbing her hairs, face lips, back, shoulders, arms and all over. She replied in the same way. We talked for some time. Then she kissed me on my lips. We smooched for long time. Mean while i put my hand into her suit and rubbed her back skin to skin. She was moaning. I made her ly in my lap with head on my shoulder. I removed her suit. and kissed her bare body parts. Then I removed her bra and noticed the pink coloured nipples which were very big. 

Her boobs were also got very enlarged with my regular massage. I kissed them, massaged them, rubbed them with my finger tips and took a hard bite on them. She was very hot, her eyes were closed and lying on my lap she was moning continuously. The I opened the nada of his salwaar and removed it. I kissed her thighs and legs. Her Panty was wet. I removed it and got a full view of my lovely property, Her glory hole wich was red hot and swollen and flowing its juices continouslly. I kissed it softly. She moaned. I rubbed it, Kissed it, ate it, sucked it. I put my fingers inside it and she moaned loudly. She was moving her body with a little rithm. It mean she was enjoying it. Then suddenly she came out.I hold her in my arms and she put her face on my shoulder. I was very hot but wanted her to became hot again. After some time she opened her eyes. I kissed her and she replied. Both of us smooched for a minute. 

She looked me with lot of love in her eyes, and her eyes were thanking me. I kissed her again. Then I offered her some water. She drank it. Then i told her that I m still hot. She looked as if She has done a crime and immediatly started rubbing my cock from my pant. I said I wanted to be nacked like you. She was a little shy but after my another lovely request, she agrred. she removed my shirt and pant. I was only in underwear. Then she hesitated to remove it. I kissed her and she removed it a little and the huje cock came out. She looked it with lot of astonishment, as she was lookigna cock first time. Then i removed mu underwear totally and became fully naked. She hold my cock and began to move it. I asked her to kiss and suck it. and she took it in her mouth. After initial trouble she continued the job very nicely. Shed did it for some time, then I asked her to take it out and blow it with hands, as I didn't wanted to cummout in her mouth. Afetr some time I cummed. and all her fingers were through my sperm. I holded her in my arms. Then we got up and cleaned our selves. What happened next to it, I will tell you in next part. 


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