Sex out of the blue

I own a large corporate enterprise. I don’t see the need to reveal my real name but you may take as Vidrohi. I am 32, still single so that I can enjoy relations with multiple females without any bindings. I like to have everything customized to my own needs and hate to be dominated. I regularly have new females applying for various kinds of jobs in my company and get them to please my sexual requirements as demanded by me to them. I only employ those who are in dire need of a job and money so that they are vulnerable to every demand of mine. All my dark secrets were kept concealed so I managed to keep a good reputation in society. 

One such female was brought to me by her father begging me to spare her any kind of job. I agreed to keep her on trial basis. She passed the first interview with the committee which had no meaning for me. By my choice she was appointed as my personal assistant. Next day onward she was to report to me first thing in the morning. Her name was Sangeeta, age 22, medium complexion, slim built except for the breasts and ass which seemed like big mounds of meaty flesh bursting out of a desert. I warned her that I am a demanding man and I never take a no for an answer. Then asked her what all she can do for me. 

Being posted as a personal assistant she was quite aware of the responsibilities that she would have to succumb to. She said “Sir, I understand my job and the position given. I have seen a lot of hard times in life and am prepared to do anything for the job and money. As long as you take care of my needs, I will take care of yours”. I assumed we had made a successful agreement. She lived at the far end of the city spending 2 hours traveling. I asked her to explain to her family that there is huge workload everyday so she needs to shift to an apartment near mine which will be provided by the company. Her family was badly in need of financial security so they had no objection at all. The near by apartment was only an excuse. She was actually meant to stay in my apartment. In that also she was allotted one room to herself but again she was meant to be in my room always. She compromised with all these conditions very comfortably. First few days I wanted to judge her own nature how she could try to please me. Sangeeta was very na├»ve in these matters. She dressed up in terribly ordinary middle class sober color salwars with floral patterns on them etc. and she had only two set of undergarments (2 cheap types of plain white bras and 2 dull color cotton panties). 

I told her to change her dress code to something more appealing. She used her imagination and bought a tight fitting black semi-transparent salwar set with a zip all along the back and the other was a red set with the same kind of zip on the back. Additionally Sangeeta got a set of black bra and panty and another set of a see-thru kind of white bra with lots of holes in it to reveal the insides paired with a bright pink panty. All these were also of some cheap brand. I didn’t comment on that as I was still analyzing her abilities. I let her make her own endless efforts to try to please me sensually. She had a damn hot body but didn’t know how to use it. 

On the first night of seduction I made her stand in front of me facing the other way and I nicely unzipped the semi-transparent black kameez (upper wear of the salwar set) that was already showing her black bra inside. Gently I removed the whole kameez revealing her sexy back. I opened the black bra that was stuck tightly to her wet sweating body. Then just casually opened the string of the salwar and then the relieved black panty as well. Made her stand on my bed fully naked and asked her to dance wildly. She moved her body in the most exotic motions stretching every muscle of the body. I could see how desperate she was. But I still didn’t do anything with her. I didn’t want to rush into the whole thing. I wanted to drag the seduction in an extremely slow gradual way to build up her own desperation for me. Next night we tried out the same procedure with her red salwar under which she wore the transparent cheap white bra and the bright pink panty. I enjoyed watching her desperate moves but was getting turned down by her cheap dress sense and ignorance. I gave her time to develop the desired attitude. 

Some of the nights I asked her to feel her private parts and reach a state of orgasm. Sometimes I helped out by stroking her thighs, pinching her nipples, and lightly digging into her holes with my fingers or tongue. Later I personally bought her high fashion clothes of international brands, stuff like ultra-mini skirts, skimpy tops with a high level of revelation, with few international sets of sexy bras and panties in lacy satin and silk to enhance her sexuality. We carried on with the same stripping practices with me still occasionally participating in the act. As expected, her desire for my participation grew gradually and steadily. She wanted me to get more and more involved by touching all her private parts and taking freedom in handling them. I understood it was time to advance her training to the next level. Each night of the next whole week we took a shower together. Clothes had no more value between Sangeeta and me. 

The moment we entered the house we stripped naked cajoling and massaging each other’s body to infinite states of orgasm. Sangeeta had stopped drinking water when she was thirsty. She had got addicted to giving me a quick erection followed by her dreadful rubbing on my dick till I poured liters of cum down her throat. I had still not entered my dick into her pussy. She wondered why. She tried all tricks to get me to fuck her. Finally two months had passed. I thought it was to for her ultimate reward. It was my dream night with sexy Sangeeta. I gave her a fair idea that tonight is going to be a memorable night. She looked so excited that day desperately waiting for the sun to set. She said to me “Darling, tonight I want you to fuck me hard, real hard”. I replied “Yeah my sweet hons, tonight I’m gonna fuck you hard, real real hard. Its gonna be the fuck of your life”. She would’ve never imagined how brutal the night was going to be for her. We reached home by 10pm after the long day at work. She was about to strip off her fluorescent pink mini-skirt and the nearly transparent white formal top with buttons in the front. She was wearing a dark purple satin bra. Through the ultra-short pink skirt that only covered her thighs 3 inches from the hips, her fluorescent green panty was clearly visible. 

I stopped her from removing anything. She understood I wanted the privilege of undressing her tonight. She had also waited desperately for this to happen. My reservation from participating in the sexual acts with Sangeeta turned out to be successfully fruitful. She jumped on me expecting me to carry her in my arms to the bed. As I advanced towards the bed with her hot ass in my arms and the boobs pressed tightly against my chest, I tickled her pussy and asshole with my intrusive fingers occasionally pulling the edges of the panty away and pushing the fingers in. She laughed in ecstasy with intense eagerness in her eyes for the commencement of the long awaited sexual journey. As soon as I reached the bed I banged her into it. The tiny skirt flap flew above the waist exposing the tight mound of her pussy protruding through the fluorescent green panty. It seemed to be dampened with her sexual juices already. 

Her smooth thighs were glowing in the room light. With the powerful bang even her shirt had slipped out of the skirt exposing her belly button. I warned her not to move till I came back. I fetched the four pairs of handcuffs from my closet which I had specially preserved for this night with Sangeeta. In a few seconds I had her hands and feet locked to the bed frame. She was still smiling and waiting eagerly for me to start utilizing her sincere services and assets. I wanted her to have an introductory presentation of my plan of action. I pulled out an electric knife and turned it on for two seconds. She got scared what my next move will be. I assured her I won’t harm her fragile body. I turned on the electric knife again and made its way thru the tiny skirt she was wearing till it all was shredded to bits. 

Sangeeta looked totally horrified. Her whole body was shivering. I did the same shredding with her skimpy shirt. She lay there in her dark purple bra and the fluorescent green panty. I pinched her pussy and squeezed her tits till she cried loudly. I showed her my massive hot dick towering up and tempted her to suck on it. Her desperation had reached the maximum. Even though she was tied down with handcuffs she still struggled with all her strength to reach my dick to suck the cum out of it. I let her quench her thirst a little bit by sparing some of the cum. I had more interesting toys and games for her torture and my entertainment. I finely pierced to fishing hooks thru her nipples, tied them to a tiny motor set at snail speed and turned on the motor. I watched enthusiastically as her nipples were slowly getting twisted and twisted and twisted to point where the nipples were almost tearing away from the boobs. I set the motor to auto-reverse so it twisted the nipples each time till an unbearable point and then reverse the direction so that she enjoyed the sensation, rather I enjoyed her pain. Simultaneously I inserted a tall fat candle deep into her pussy and kindled it. 

The hot melting wax dripped and settled all around her vagina. I had many more surprises coming up for her. I put loads of crushed ice on the frontal part of her body and then simultaneously placed bags of boiling water underneath her back. After all this how could I possibly neglect the ass region? That too needed its own individual bit of fun. So I opened my collection of creepy crawly creatures from a box and allowed the privileged creatures to explore their new playground, Sangeeta’s asshole. I took great pleasure in watching her get tortured in such a wide variety of techniques for about an hour. She was crying and begging to relieve her from all this. I reminded her that she had promised in the beginning of the contract where she stated in her own words that “Sir, I understand my job and the position given. I have seen a lot of hard times in life and am prepared to do anything for the job and money. 

As long as you take care of my needs, I will take care of yours”. She could not argue on that. Then she just pleaded to me, “Sir, I have given you all you wanted. Now can you just give me one thing?” I asked her what. She said “All I want now of you is for you to really give me some good sex in which I will enjoy and not suffer. That is the only thing I’ve dreamed of so far”. I agreed but I kept her hands tied just in case she might change her mind. I injected her with a doze where she can only perceive the sensations but can’t take any action. It took me some time to clear off all the mess like the burnt out candle, the crawly creatures, the hooks on the nipples etc. She was getting relaxed with relief from all those torturous mediums. I already had so much of tasting her body that I just directly got to the fucking her in the cunt through the night. In the morning she again smiled and thanked me for all that had happened last night. I knew what really mattered to her was the money so I gifted her with Rs.20,000/- and asked her to fuck off. She tried to persuade me to keep her and that she will continue satisfying me in better ways. I tried a few more torturous methods on her for my amusement and rewarded her services handsomely. 

But by then her body had really worn off and lost its fresh appeal. So I just cleared her off with Rupees One Lakh to keep the whole thing a secret and asked her to never show me her cunt again.


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