Science Teacher

I am all alone teacher in a school and teaches science since mi needs are limited hence i dont take up tutions like all other teachers but in one case i have to cooperate with a poor man of m i area he was having three daughters in a row all were students of mi school eldest was shweta next vijeta and tripta third one. 

shweta was student of high school and wanted to persue career in medicines while two others were students of just class 8th and 5 th. the father of shweta approached me that though i teach shweta he will be thankful to me. though against mi principal i agreed with no fees to be charged.her father greatfully agreed and appreciated mi gesture. 

the day come and shweta was in mi home for science tution. shweta use to come at sit near me and use to study sometimes her private parts like boobs touchs mi body or hand or so, it uses to be nice feeling but no further then the days progressed one chapter containing human anatomy came which showed male and female genital and females vagina was clearly shown. 

shweta pointing out on females vagina told me that she can view this in the mirror but how about man genital can sir u show me. i want to see it practically.i told her shweta be in limits but as she requested that she dont have any brother and she cannot see her fathers please show me as shown in this chapter. 

i agreed to her request but warn please dont touch it or otherwise u will have to bear the consequesnces. she agreed to mi warning and i opened mi pants jip and took out mi manhood for her darshan. she saw and said wo..........w. what a nice thing do u have masterjee now i want to touch it and she took it in her hand as she touched her it started highing up like iron rod. she agian said wowwwwwwwww it is magical thing to mi dick manhood was standing like an iron rod and she was looking it . then she kissed it. by this time i was horny and hugged her completely and planted a kiss on her lips and touched pressed her boobs too. she was a young girl of 15 with small boobs and lean and thin body. i embraced her again and again the study on that date was only kissing and sucking her lips only. as the time was over her younger sister came and took her to home as usual. 

next day she arrived and planted a kiss on mi lips making me arouse for sex. and she was wearing only one frock less bra. when she intered mi home she took off panty too in mi bathroom. and said i want full lesson on sex please master jee. 
i was left with no other alternative then to undress her and suck her little boobs and also requested her to undress me too. 
she undressed me and took mi manhood in her hand and started rubbing it it was now fully arousen and i lifted her pussy by keeping mi hand below her ass and tried to enter mi dick inside. she was moaning and saying ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff wat u r doing. i kept mi hand on her face and entered mi dick inside her pussy and started making strokes.mi strokes were making her happy and with time elasped i cum took out mi dick and put mi dick in her mouth she enjoyed it there also. 

though first experience of her was painful but lateron she enjoyed fucking regularly but with condom. 


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