Office Sex Story

Hi! This is Vishal. I am 29 years and work as a Manager in a large company in Delhi. I had this sexy gal, Sonal working in my office as an assistant. She was 25, very fair with pink rosy lips, very beautiful sexy feet and hands, tight and round arse and lovely round boobs always calling out for fondling. I had an eye for her- I always wanted to see her naked and run my dick right from her toes upto her head. I knew I would cum 100 times during that run. 

I would always try to touch her hands whenever I got any opportunity and my dick would just swell in honor. But, unfortunately, I didn't get any opportunity to go any further. 

One day we were alone in the office as everybody else was away for one reason or the other. She was working on the computer and I was sitting behind her watching her lustily- her feet, her neck, her ass, giving me a terrible hard-on. Suddenly, Sonal turned around and said, "Sir, please take a look if this is OK". I got up and walked upto her, right behind her, bend down to look at the screen. But my dick was bulging hugely under my pant. Suddenly, she turned around and her eyes met my bulge, as I was right behind her- just a couple of inches away. She looked amazed at my bulge and stared at it for a few moments and then straight into my eyes. I got the signal, though a bit unclear. I bent down over her almost touching my bulge on her shoulder to make a correction on the statement she was preparing. She was holding the mouse; I put my hand on hers' and moved the mouse through her mouse. She didn't try to remove her hand. I gave her few suggestions and asked her to effect them so that I can see them. While pulling back my hand, I brushed on her cheeks. Now the signal was clear and the bulge was uncontrollable. Quickly, I took out my dick- red hot and pulsating, the veins jutting out and started fondling it right behind her. She made the changes and turned around asking, "Is it OK now". Wow! Her eyes met my throbbing dick only a few cms away. She stared at my dick amazing by its size and hardness and then looked straight into my eyes.

I pushed myself forward and touched her lips with my dick. Her cheeks turned red and immediately her eyes had lust in them. I ran my dick all over her face, her nose, her eyes and her cheeks. By now pre-cum had started oozing out. I rubbed it on her lips and she licked it. Slowly, I bent down and held her tight boobs squeezing them from over her clothes. She opened her lips to release a sigh. I put my dick between her parted lips and slowly I inserted my dick into her mouth. She started sucking my dick. My hands were caressing her cheeks. I inserted me hands inside her blouse and into her bra and started fondling her nipples and kneading her firm huge boobs. 

Sonal was sucking my dick very efficiently and not even once did she touch my dick with her teeth. I was in heaven. And I was about to cum. "Sonal, I am about to cum. Would you like to drink my juice", I asked. She nodded, since she still had my dick in her mouth and she didn't want to let it go. I jerked into her mouth my tremendous load. She didn't let even a drop come out. She gobbled up all the cum. Suddenly, we heard somebody coming and I swiftly put in my dick and zipped up. 

In the evening, I offered her a lift in my car. It was dark. I selected a dark spot on the road and parked the car on the side and immediately leapt over her taking her lips into my mouth. She put her tongue into my mouth. Our lips were glued together and our tongues were fondling with each other. I put my hands into her blouse and started kneading her boobs real hard. Coming back to my seat, I took her feet into my laps. These were one of the most beautiful pair of feet I have ever seen. Strapped in black-sandals with well pedicure nails painted deep red. I lowered my lips on her toes and started kissing them. Then I removed her sandals. I caressed her feet for a moment and then took her toes into my mouth. I sucked her toes and ran my tongue all over her sexy feet. 

I was now rock hard. I unzipped and took out my dick- red hot and pulsating. "Are you always that hard Vishal?" Sonal asked winking at me. "Only when you are around honey", I replied. She started fondling my rock hard dick with her toes. She tried to remove her feet but I pulled her feet back. "I want to eat your dick Vishal", Sonal insisted. "No, please let me cum on your feet, Sonal", I implored. I put her both the feet together and inserted my dick between them and started pushing as if fucking her pussy. And finally I shot my load all over her feet. "Oh! You have made a mess of my feet, Vishal", said Sonal. "See, that's why wanted it in my mouth. I could have drank it and cleaned your dick". "Never mind, you will get that opportunity again", I replied. 

Next Sunday, we decided to vent out all our fantasies and put them into action. I knew of a remote place that was totally secluded and had a lot of trees around like a forest. I had never seen anywhere in that area. Besides, it was a little off the road. 

Once there, I put her on the bonnet of my car spread her legs and quickly vanished into her valley eating her cunt. She was squealing in ecstasy without inhibitions. She was writhing all over the bonnet holding my hair in both her hands. She tapped on my head gently, I thought she was doing it in ecstasy. But when she did it again, I looked at her and my eyes followed her eyes. Few meters from us were 2 girls about 20-22 years probably grazing their cattle. They were looking at us in amazement. We just looked at them and smiled and continued. Both of us were stark naked. Pulling her legs apart I put my rock hard dick on her nether lips and entered slowly. She started shrieking as I inserted slowly. First slowly and than gradually we were pumping like a bullet train, rocking each other and the car. And then with loud shrills, we both pumped our load. After completely draining my load into her cunt, I removed my dick and shook it towards the amazed girls. They just ran away. We put on the clothes and came back cajoling, kissing and caressing all the way. 

Ever since, we have made love at all possible places and in every possible way. Like a fingerprint, we have never repeated the same place and style. 


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