Office Love

Hi all i hail from South India. I am a regular visitor to this site and i enjoy reading the stories here. I too had a sex experience but till now i hesitated to post but i thought of sharing my first experience with u all. 

So coming to the story this was happened 4 years back when i was 24 years old. I was working a MNC Company as a system analyst in Hyderabad. I had my collegue working as an admin executive in my office and she is a muslim. In the begining i used to say just hi and bye to her but latter we became close friends and many times i dropped her in the bus stop when she is going back to her house. 

After we became very close like sharing each other sad and happy moments one day i called her to my house for lunch on sunday. Actually i never had any intension to have sex with her but on that day my mom prepared lunch and she went to her friends house. 

We both were alone in my house and we finished our lunch and started chit chatting with each other and accidentally my hand touched her cheeks i felt some thing new in my body and stopped talking to her she did not understand what happened to me. So she held my hands with her hands and she was asking me what happened to me i was speech less at that time after some time she slowly moved towards me and gave a kiss on my forehead and i could not control myself and i hugged her tightly. We both felt each others warmth and slowly i started kissing her and finally i gave a deep kiss on her lips and at the same time my hands are gently fondling her breasts and she tied me in her tight hug and she slowly moved her hand on to my dick and started pressing it and it has become rock hard and enlarged to 6 and 1/2 inch . 

I slowly started undressing her and i made her topless and started sucking her nipples and she unzipped my phant and she started rubbing my dick over my under garment as it was my first time i felt cumming but some how i controlled my self and finally she removed my underwear and pushed my foresking back and suddenly she took my bulger in her mouth and started sucking only the knob of my dick she did that for few mins. and finally i made her nude and layed her on bed and started kissing and licking her nice and beautifull naked body and slowly i moved down and i burried my face between her thighs she shivered like anything and i licked her clit almost for 5 mins and she started moaning and she held my hair and pulled me top on her and i inserted my dick in her pussy but the moment i gave my second stroke i ejaculated on her thighs and i felt very much embrassement but she smiled and just playing wiht my bare body and kissing on my chest and i also held her in hands nude and slowly sucked her nipples. 

Finally after 20 mins my dick was again ready for second round and this time i had a nice fuck session with her almost for 10 mins and she also enjoyed the sex completely finally we both were satisfied to the maximum. 

Friends this was my first experience in my life if u like this please dont hesitate to mail me 


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