My Meena teacher

Hai everybody, Iam George, 20 male. Well Iam doing my degree in Nalanda College Hyderabad. I like this site & love to read the sex stories. I too would like to express my experience to U. It happened in my first year with my teacher Meena. She use to teach us English. She was pretty good. I was the merit student of our class. So, she encoraged me in all the matters. She was 28 newly married with a beautiful structure 35-25-33. But I never had a bad intention for her in my heart. 

Both of our houses are in same street. One day when I was returning home from movie I saw her crying in her Varanda [corridor].It was about 12:30 midnight. I went to her & asked about the matter. She said that her husband left her as her parents were not able to give him the complete dowary they promised. I consoled her & said her that we would talk about that matter the next day & sent her in. 

The next day we both went to Viceroy hotel, had our meals & started the discussion. She said that her husband is a big drunkard & he beats her daily. He never talked to her in a fluent manner & was always very rough with her. And even her parents are not allowing her to be with them, because if she is with them then it is difficult for them to do marriages for their remaining daughter's. 

From that day I was with her in her house which is indeed of rent & use to go my home in night's for sleep. As our's is rich family no one use to care about me, where ever I be. Both my father & mother would be in Singapore busy with their business. They use to come home twice in an year. Though I was away from my parent's I was away from Bad habit's. 

After some days I let my teacher to be in my home which was very big & I was alone in it. It was summer we wrote our exams & were in holidays. I use to take her out every day & we both were good to eachother. My parents visited me & were very happy with my deed. They did'nt say a word for allowing my teacher to be with me. After some days they went back to Singapore. 

One day I was watching Titanic movie with my teacher & it was the scene of love between hero & heroine. My teacher said me that she would like to have sex with me. I was stunned & said sorry, it should be done with Ur husband. She said that her husband got married with another women & has gone to U.K. I said that I need some time to think about it. She agreed. As there were no one to care about her & me I agreed for that. 

I said that I would go & get some thing's for safety & got them very fast. She wore a red saree under her navel & was very sexy. I first got her cheeks in my hands & gave her a French kiss for about half an hour & she was giving me a very faster response as she was eager for sex. Then I took off her Saree & went for her deep navel which was the most sexiest thing in her body. I kept jam in her navel & licked if very well & she was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh. 

Then I took off her jacket, bra & pantey & my clothes too. Now both of us were naked in front of eachother. I went on for her boobs. sqeezed them like any thing. Licked them, sucked them & she was moaning oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, 
Then I incerted my finger's in her pussy. She pulled me towards her gave me nice French kiss & said to fuck her badly. I then made her lie on bed, made her legs spread & slowly entered my tool into her pussy which was very tight as she was being fucked for the first time in her life & me too. 

Slowly I started updown my tool & she was moaning with pain & she was crying a lot with pain. She was moaning very loudly aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh, I asked her shall I stop. She said the pain is really good. We did this for more than four hours. Then we had a combine bath. After bath I made her lie on bed naked, sepereted the lips of her pussy with my hands & sucked it with my tounge. Now both were in heaven & did sex again & again. Now we do sex daily. 

I have decided to marry her, because she is alone & I can't be without her. Though we are not married we are wife & husband. I would not leave her at any cost. 



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