My lustful teacher

im ram from to tell here a eral incident that happened in my life.let me start the story. 
I finished my 12th and got good marks in maths.near my house my school teacher named geetha was living.she used to come to my house and ask certain doubts regarding maths as she doesn’t know 11th maths but she was appointed as their teacher.i should tell about her.she was a fair lady with well built body.her figure was 38-30-38.she was so sexy in her sarees.when she walked her buts would dance like a pendulum.her boobs were so intoxicating. 

One day she called me to her house as she had some doubts.since I had some work I went to her house late.when I entered her house she was not there.i called her and she said that she was in the bathroom.i said ok and sat on the sofa.after few minutes she came out of the bathroom with only a towel in her body.i was astonished to see her like that. My cock became hard when I saw her half naked.she immediately ran into another room.after a while she came dressed up.she sat opposite to me and asked certain doubts as if nothing happened.while I was asswering I constantly looked at her boobs.she also noticed that.i too acted as if nothing happened.after that incident she used to be very careful in her way of dressing. 

The days passed as jut like day my parents had to go out to attend a marriage function so I planned to watch a porn on that day.after they went for the function I switched on my tv & cd player and put a porn cd into that and started to that movie a girl and a man started to remove their dress and they were sucking and fucking each other.on seeing that my cock reached its full size.i immediately took it out and started to stroke it.after some time while I was about to cum I looked at the door .it was open and I found geetha standing there and watching me.i tried to hide my cock but as I was about to come I cannot and I pumped my cum into the floor.very soon I zipped my pant.and came out and stood befor her with head down and asked sorry for doing that. 

From that incident I felt ashamed to go to her house.i stopped going to her house for a week.after a week she called me to her hesistatingly I went to her house . she called me in. I stood before her as if I did a crime.on that day she was wearing a black saree she looked extremely sexy.she then asked me some doubts.i could not react to she asked me what was the problem.i didn’t answer anything.she said okay .then she switched on the tv and said to me towatch it for some time so that I can relax.i put on the star channel.there was a film that film a fucking scene appeared .we both were watching it.i immediately gor hard on.since I was wearing a shorts I could not hide my erection.i looked at her she was watching that scene very eagerly.after that was over she said that she is going to prepare some tea for both of us.after some time time she shouted from the kitchen.i ran to the kitchen and saw that her saree was catching fire.she immediately removed her that time her petticoat too caught fire.she removed the she was standing only on her panties.i saw her like that and I was feeling as if I was goin to cum.she then looked at penis was erect.she saw my penis too. 

She then asked me are u goin to masturbate now.i was schoked.then she asked whether u want to have sex with me.i thought it was a joke.she then asked me to show my penis I was in heaven to hear a word like that.she came near and removed my cock sprung out she took it and started to suck.i was right feeling my lifes pleasure. She was enjoying this, I continued to play, caress her boobs. Now my tongue was in her mouth and I was caressing her back while she was holding my prick, we continued this way for long and then I pushed her on her bed, she was removing her top dress, I then caught her hand. Started licking her fingers then her hand, elbow, soon reached her shoulders then her neck and now I could feel the warmth of her breath, I removed her dress from over her boobs, I had removed the bra and her brown nipple was in between my lips being cleaned by my tongue. I then started to press her other boob and suck her nipples hard, she started to moan loudly and this was making me horny so I now sucked her other boob. Now I was licking her belly and soon I was sitting on my knees and removing her panty. 

I could smell her pussy juice and soon I touched her wet pussy hairs, Oh! God what I sight it was. Those black shrubs covering her most beautiful asset. I blowed my lungs out on her pussy and she moaned, the air removed her hairs from over her pussy and I saw heaven. I was getting mad and I put my tongue on her cunt, she trembled a bit. Then I started to kiss her pussy lips and lick them, it felt more than exciting and now she moaning loudly, and now I started to suck her pussy hard while put my finger in her cunt in order to finger fuck her. 

She was getting hot and as loud she moaned I increased my intensity of sucking the best part of her body, she also came in to rhythm and started to jerk her pussy. Finally I could feel drops on my tongue she was about to have an orgasm, she cummed in my mouth and I drank everything. Now she said it was her turn, and got on top of me and kissed the head of my iron rod. I had masturbated so many times but never it felt so good, she started to lick it and then took half of it in her mouth and then started to suck my prick, soon she was taking whole of the 7" in her mouth. I was enjoying the soothing touch her of her tongue whenever my prick moved in. I told her that I will soon cum soon and she said ok and drank all of my white thick fluid. . Then she said she can’t resist any more and said please fuck me and send me into heaven. So she opened her legs as wide as she could and placed them on the wall. I said wait a bit as to make her more hungry and again started to finger fuck her and then with two and soon with three. She was soon shouting on me and begged me to put my lund into her vagina. 

I then said all right I would give that to you. And slightly inserted the head my cock into hers and then started to move back and forth.very soon I increased my pace. I jerked her and she shouted very badly, now I was giving her these jerks and started to kiss her again, she signaled me to suck her boobs so I again started to kiss, lick and suck her water melons. I was taking her boobs in my mouth one by one, again and again, soon I was about to cum. 

And I after a few strokes in cummed inside her and she also had another orgasm and now these two fluids filled her pussy and it slowly started to drip down. I removed my self on top of her was lying beside her and trying to gulp as much air as possible. Now she got on top my and sat on my prick and then took it in her and started to move up and down, I was too tired to do anything but soon gained strength enough to get I into a rhythm with her. She was fucking me and I was enjoying it and this time I was moaning and that too badly. 

I said faster and faster and soon pumped all my juices in her and then she kissed me. But still we wanted more so we decided to go for doggy style. after some time she went down on floor and I put my lund into her butt and I started to jerk her and she also joined the pace. We were both feeling the pain but the exciting feeling soon took over and we were enjoying each other. I then kissed her back and placed a kiss on her neck. She was moaning in pain and enjoyment, which was making me horny. I increased the pace although it was hurting me but still and soon I came out and then fell down on her and were both too tired to even move a finger. 

After some time we went to take bath and we came out and slept naked in the bed.after a few hours of sleep we then went into the action. 

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