My Hindi teacher

Hi, this is Vineet from Mumbai. I'll be shifting to Bangalore soon, so all ladies out in Bangalore - above 30, who enjoy reading this incident - please get in touch (email ID at the end of this piece), and we'll have some real hot strings attached. This incident happened when I was in the 12 standard. I was already aware of sex, and also my own interest in older women. I had no particular fascination for my own girl classmates, but when it came to aunties and teachers..all my lust was directed towards them. And on top of that list was my Hindi teacher, Mrs. Suman Gupta. 

Mrs. Gupta had been my teacher for over four years now, and she was around 48, with two teenaged daughters. She was not very fair, but not dark either - what you could call dusky. And she had a figure that used to drive me wild. Gupta teacher used to be always in saree-blouse. And during her class, I used to extra attentive - I never failed to notice the space between where her blouse ended and the saree began at the back. 

Her exposed back used to invariably give me a hard on - the sexy, dusky skin, the beautiful folds.and then, when she stood teaching sideways.or raised her arms, I used to hold my breath and watch one heavy breast bursting beneath the tight blouse, her sexy belly with beautiful folds. And once in a way, when she used to give us some work, and sit in front of the whole class..she used to cross her legs..and accidentally, her saree and petticoat used to slide, exposing her leg almost upto her knee. 

I used to stare at her exposed leg.silky, smooth, fleshy. Invariably, after her class, I used to have a massive erection beneath my school shorts. The bulge used to be quite visible too. I used to wait for the recess, and then rush to the toilet and furiously masturbate. I still remember gripping the side water pipe, my face contorting, as my hard rock dick spewed out gobs of semen. Every day. That day, Mrs. Suman Gupta had the last period of the day. She was correcting our notebooks, and was calling each student to her table, and pointing out mistakes, etc. My turn was at the end, since she was calling every one alphabetically. Just as my turn came, the school bell rang. 

She looked at me approaching her table. She told the rest of the class, "Okay class. You may go home." She turned to me, "Vineet, let me finish correcting your book." So, the rest of the class trooped out, smiling at me. Poor guy! Has to wait! Pretty soon, the whole school was quiet. And in my class, only Gupta teacher and me. She began correcting my book. As she turned the page of my book, the pallu of her sari with black and white designs, slipped a little. Standing over her, I could see the beginning of her deep, sexy cleavage. 

I held my breath and gulped. This was a nice feeling. She looked up at me while pointing out something. I tried to look at the notebook, but I couldn't concentrate. Now, the pallu had slid further, and I could now see more of her beautiful, deep cleavage, her big mounds straining at the black blouse. I stared..wishing I could lick the valley.wishing I could rub my hard penis on that skin.wishing I could tear the blouse away.. "Vineet? Vineet??" I looked at her. She was trying to tell me something, then caught me staring at her. She was frowning. "Could you please concentrat." she broke off, as she realized what I was staring at. She looked down her chest, and saw her own cleavage. She looked at me. I realized I had a huge hard on under my school shorts, and the bulge was clearly visible. 

I slid one hand into the pocket, and tried to adjust my hard dick in a less obvious position. She saw my hand movement and looked at my crotch. And she gasped. "What are you doing?" "Nothing, teacher", I mumbled. By now, her breathing had grown slightly heavy. Her eyes were still on my bulge. And her pallu had now slid down completely. I could see her big breasts, heaving up and down, and the deep cleavage, right inside. She pushed my hand away from inside the pocket, and put her own hand inside. The next moment, both of us gasped. 

Her hand touched the end of my hard penis straining inside my underwear, and which was now pushing against the side of the short, upto the sleeve of the short pocket. She didn't move her hand, and I could feel my hard on pushing against her hand. She murmured, "Go outside and see if any one's there." I stumbled to the door, my heart pounding in my face flushed and my breath in short bursts. I peeped outside. The corridor was empty. "There's no one here, teacher", I said. "Close the door and come here", she commanded. I did as I was told. I was back at her side. Her breasts were pushing harder against the blouse. She looked at me. "Do you think I am beautiful?" she asked. "Ye..yes teacher, very much." I stammered. 

She slowly reached out and squeezed my hard crotch. I gasped. "Remove your shorts", she said huskily. I hastily unbuckled my shorts, and it dropped around my ankles. Gupta teacher stared at the bulge inside my undies. She grabbed the elastic around my waist, and pulled down the undy to my thighs. My hard cock leapt out and she gasped. "Hey bhagwan! Such a big thing! How does it stay in your shorts?" Her hand closed in around my throbbing shaft and she moaned. " is so nice." With her free hand, she took my hand and lead it to her cleavage. I started caressing her mounds beneath her blouse. Her hand began to pump my erection, while she moaned and muttered, "You're so small..and this is so nice.aaahhh." 

I thrust both my hands inside her blouse, and immediately touched the naked sin of her generous breasts. She moaned, "Mmm.." I gasped, "Oh teacher." She let go of my cock, and her eyes still fixed on it, hungry and lusty. She unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. I groaned. Her big, beautiful breasts were hardly contained by a tight black bra. I stared at her naked arms, the round, fleshy breasts.she shrugged of her bra straps, and they collapsed around her waist. I moaned and couldn't control myself. Here was the lady who was the object of my desire..topless. I kneeled in front of her, and began licking her throat. She gasped and reached down and squeezed my scrotum. I licked her huge breasts, the black nipples big, hard and erect. She began moaning in a low voice. 

I sucked on her nipples one by one..she pushed my face into her beauties, groaning. I went back a little to catch my breath. Her eyes were closed, and her breasts were shining with my saliva. Her breasts were beautiful, big, and only slightly sagging. Even the sag added to their beauty. I went down and lick and bit the folds around her belly and stomach. My hand reached down and raised her saree. Her hands came down and pulled her saree upto her waist. Now, Gupta teacher was sitting on the chair, legs slightly apart, topless, eyes burning with hunger.her mouth half open, and I stared at her naked legs and thighs. I could only stare. Her big, fleshy thighs were a shade fairer than the rest of her body. 

Her legs were smooth, and fleshy too. And she was wearing a black panty. I bent down and began licking her ankles, then her calf muscles..then further up..her knees, then reached her thighs. All this time, her hands were in my hair, and she was gasping. I bit, licked and kissed her beautiful thighs, and she moaned a little louder. My lips reached the center of her panty. I could smell the musky aroma of her juices. She parted her legs, and pulled aside the panty, and I could see her swollen black pussy lips, and the black thatch of pubic hair above, where her hands the panty. I could also see the whitish liquid between her vagina. The next moment, she pushed my face into her crotch. 

I began sucking on the two lips, then licked away all the liquid. She was now getting louder in her moans, and was also thrusting her hips into my face. " me.haai..oh god.." Her voice was hoarse, and her breath louder. I kept sucking and licking her lips..then, she wailed softly, "Haai raam.oh my..ssssssssssssssssss." She wrapped her thighs around my face and held it down into her crotch for some time. Then, she let go.and looked down at me. I looked at her..her breasts heaving, her inner thighs wet, her panty still displaced, exposing her vulva. She smiled at me, then said, "Stand up". I stood up, and my erection throbbed near her face. She looked up at me, and the next moment, took my penis into her mouth. She began sucking my shaft, her tongue rubbing against my glans inside her mouth. "Ohh.god.." I moaned. 

Her hot mouth threatened to set my hard dick on fire. She began pushing her mouth backward and forward on my long shaft, and was sucking it at the same time. With her free hand, she stroked my pubic hair. "Ohh god.. teacher.." I moaned, and I fell my orgasm building up. She must have felt it too.she let go off my erection. Her lips were wet with my precum, and a thin string of my cum connected her lips and my cock. She stared at my erection, then looked up and said, "I want you inside..lie down on the floor". Without questioning her, I squatted on the floor, then lay down on the floor on my back. I began stroking my hard penis, as I saw Mrs. Suman Gupta stand up. Her huge breasts were heaving, her bra still around her waist. Now, she held her saree with one hand, and pulled down her panty with the other. 

The next moment, she kneeled down, my eyes devouring her breasts and pubic thatch. She half got up, and came over to me. Her legs were on either side of my legs. Then ,she squatted over my crotch, and then told me breathlessly, "Hold your penis straight up." I obeyed her. The next moment, she parted her pussy lips with her hands, and looking down, slowly eased her open hole onto my waiting pole. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." she moaned, as she sank onto my erection. I groaned too, as I felt her vaginal muscles grasp my dick. Then, she slowly began moving up and down. I looked at her in front of me..her eyes closed, her breasts bouncing up and down, the nipples pointed, and her fleshy thighs quivering. Her thatch was wet with her juices, my saliva, and now both of us were sweating. 

I could sweat trickling down her arm pits onto her naked, soft belly. The deep space between her breasts also was now shining with her sweat. This sight aroused me further, and I too began thrusting my hips into her, and she moaned. Our movements became faster, and I grabbed her beautiful, big fleshy buttocks, and became thrusting inside her harder. She stopped moving, and began moaning as she enjoyed my pumping. She began to groan, and I could now not control my orgasm any longer. 

"Oh god, teacher.Suman.aaaahhhhh." and the next moment, I erupted inside her wet cunt. She groaned and closed her hips around my crotch, her vagina still gripping my spurting cock. Then, she shuddered, and whispered, "I'm coming..aaaa." Then, she let go of wet dick, and fell on me, her breasts on my mouth, heaving with her recent orgasm. We both lay quite there for sometime. Then, she rolled over, and kissed me on my lips. 

Our tongues met and we tasted each other. We both looked down at our pubic areas. Her stomach was still moving up and down, her thighs gleaming with her juices. My semen was trickling down from between her pussy lips. My own belly was sticky with my semen, which had spilled out from her overflowing pussy. We both dressed up, and I savoured her every move, watching her slowly dress, enjoying the sight of her body. She said that she would leave first, and that I should leave after ten minutes. 

We kissed again, and she said, "We'll do this again. I liked it." "So did I, teacher", I replied. And we kept having sex for the next 6 years or so. If you think we're sexually compatible and are a lady above 30 years (never mind your figure) staying in Bangalore, please mail me at We can enjoy pure, unadulterated sex and passion.


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