My first secretary Sex Story

Hello folks, I am a regular reader of the stories posted on this site. I wish to share my experiences which are a little different from the usual theme that keeps getting repeated and in fact I find boring as they have become monotonous. I feel most of the 
stories are 'made up' and not 'true' experiences. Hope you will enjoy my real life experiences and please write to me and let me know your comments. I shall give my e-mail address at the end of the story. 

I am a Physiotherapist by profession and most of my experiences have been in and around the hospital setting. I was an unexperienced 'greenhorn' while I was a student and my first story is about how I was made aware of my sexuality. Soon after my graduation I went to work in a hospital at Bareilly, UP. About a month after I joined there and became familiar with 
the surroundings, I became friendly with one and all. There was a Secretary to the Medical Superintendent - let's call her Joyce (real name withheld to maintain anonymity) - she was one helluva sexy bitch. But at that time I did not have any feelings for her as I was truly innocent. 

She must have been observing me because after four months of my stay there I had my first encounter with her. It was a Sunday - I clearly remember the day - as most of the people staying in our quarters had gone to church. I had not gone as I was feeling unwell. By the way our staying quarters consisted of a row of single rooms with a library in the mid-section separating the east wing from the west. One wing was occupied by bachelors and the other by single women. I had just come out of my room into the corridor to get some fresh air and I found Joyce sitting in her part of the corridor in an easychair. 

We exchanged pleasantries and enquired as to why both of us did not attend church when everyone else had gone. She told me she was having a back-ache and regretted it was a holiday(Sunday) as she could not go to the Physiotherapy dept. Innocently I offered to give her a massage which she willinglyaccepted. I never had the faintest idea of what I had let myself into. I went to her room which was neat and well arranged (unlike our bachelor rooms). This created a good impression of her in my mind. I told her to lie on her chest so that I could massage her back. She did so. After a few minutes of rubbing down, she remarked she was not getting any benefit and wanted to remove her dress. I didn't object as I was too innocent. She stripped to her waist and the sight of her well-formed breasts produced a feeling of warmth in my body. But I did not think much of it and got down to my job seriously. After some time she asked me if I was tired and volunteered to give me a rub down. I thought to myself this was a good idea. Why not get a massage from someone instead of having to give others a massage all the time. She asked me to undress. I refused at first but she convinced me that I would feel well with my clothes off. Soon she was giving me a rub down which I was thoroughly enjoying. She then asked me to lie on my back so that she could 
rub me on my chest and abdomen. 

After sometime I found her playing with my nipples and this was giving me a very ticklish and erotic feeling. She asked me if I felt nice and I innocently agreed. She then enquired as to whether I would like to feel better. I once again agreed. This time she put her mouth to my nipples and started to lick them. I nearly screamed as the feeling was superb and my cock began to rise involuntarily. Seeing my underwear rise, Joyce slid her hand under my underwear and caught my cock. I gasped - both out of shock and sheer pleasure. Before I could recover, she pulled down my underwear and took my cock in her mouth. From then on I did not know what was happening. All I was experiencing was a very satisfying feeling which I did not want to stop. She sucked, licked, rolled her tongue all around my cock head and took the full length inside her mouth like an experienced sucker - which she must have been. My cock was relly hard, rigid and bursting with pressure. 

She next asked me to put it into her pussy. As I knew nothing about all this, I was guided by her in an expert way and soon my cock was inside her and she was making all the necessary moves to give both of us the maximum pleasure. She was such an expert that she did not want me to release my load as she used to ask me to stop fucking her now and then and allow the feeling to come down a little. In this way we kept at it for almost 15 to 20 minutes. For an inexperienced fellow like me this was a great experience. As she did not want me to release inside her, she next asked me to fuck her in the mouth which I most willingly did. By this time I was also very much in the mood and was co-operating to the fullest extent. Within minutes of 
fucking her in the mouth, I released my load which she licked to the last drop like a thirsty raven. She wanted more, but I could not oblige her as my cock became limp. She tried her best to revive it but for a first timer it would not rise to the occasion again. By this time I also came to my senses and felt guilty about what had happened. I wanted to get out fast from the room. 

The next day I saw her in the hospital. She was cool as a cucumber and showed no signs of what had happened the previous day. I on the other hand had a guilty look written all over my face. Three days later I was back in her room - this time at night -after the others had gone to their beds. I was drawn to her like a magnet as the feelings I had experienced that Sunday made me crave for more. 

From then on we enjoyed many more such experiences. I admired her for her professionalism as she never once allowed me to release into her vagina. She loved swallowing the cum. Later on she taught me all about licking pussy and fucking in different positions. She was my sex educateress and I am very grateful to her for opening my eyes or else probably I would have still been a greenhorn. I had to suddenly leave the hospital for personal reasons. Joyce cried when I left and told me she had spent her best days with me and that only I was able to give her the maximum pleasure. Can you believe that? I, who never knew anything about sex in the first place. 

After this encounter, I have had many more richer experiences which I shall narrate in my future stories. So be on the lookout. Whenever I see a lady after that, my eyes first go to her boobs. I am a lover of big boobs and love sucking the nipples. If any of you girls who read this episode want to contact me, please do so to this address Your mail will be kept confidential I promise. Bye for now.


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