My Bio teacher indirajit

Hi this is your sexy indirajit I am going to tell you about a wonder ful sexident that has happened during my school days. I was studying in jawahar vidyalaya at chennai and we had a sexy biology teacher ambujavalli. All the students were gunning for her. Her dressing itself is ver erotic. She is well built iyengar lady, heavy tits, fair in colour wonder ful structure, the moment you see her you think of nothing else other than sex. 

She had been the wet dream of all the plus one/two students. I was a naughty rascal during school days. One day while we had our biology test whe was supervising and she came and sat next to me on my right side. I could not write my tests properly as i could see her hips and the size of her huge breasts as her pallu was half hanging. I could see her sweating lightly in the folds of her sexy hips and i could even see her stomach bulging slowly as she breathed. My dick was rising fast. I knew that if i am seen by her it would be a bad scene. Still i had to guts to put my pen down and under the pretext of taking my pencil i went close to her and saw her breasts and hips close. I was going mad with my erection. After the test was over, she called me to the lab during after class hours. 

She was giving me a stern look as i went into the lab. She said i have not written anything and asked me if i am serious about my studies. How could i tell her that i am disturbed by her heavy tits and badly wanted to suck them. She asked me to cme to her house every evening at 6.00pm to 9.00 pm for tution and she wanted to start it right away. I ent to her house that evening, she was there watering the plants. She took me inside , i could smell the wonderful perfume she had applied and she took me to her study room and closed the main door. She told me that her husband had gone to a conference and would be back after dinner by midnight only. 

She made me sit and took out the biology book and came near me ahd bent near me showing her entire tits and her cleavage. As she was explaining her loose hair with jasmine flowers were making me go mad. She told me to study the lesson and she could make some tea for me. She left for the kitchen and i could soon hear a big thud sound. I rushed to the kitchen and found that the big water storage contanier had fell down (later on i realised that she had done it wantendly) and i saw ambujavalli inbetween the plastic container and the refrigrator. 

She told me she slipped. I gave my hand to lift ambujavalli, as she leapt up, she almost fell on me and i could not control my self and my both hands were on her hips, though it occurred accidentaly i did not want to take it out. I was only carressing her, she was slowly lookng into my eyes and told me that you are one sexy guy indirajit and i have been wanting you since day one. She licked and kissed me like a cow. Unable to bear the torture of my dick i lifted my sexy ambujavalli and took her to the bed room and gently put her on the bed. 

Since i am lucky to fuck my biology teacher i did not wanted to do it in a hurry. I slowly crushed ambujavallis boobs gently and slowly increased the spped, she was saying indu indu my darling then i went below and kissed her big navel which should be the size of a one rupee coin. As i licked ambujavallis navel she was moanig with pleasure. Slowly i made her sit and removed her blouse and bra. I am seeing my dream ambujavallis breasts for the first time which every one longed to suck and it is fully available for me, i sucked her breasts like a calf and slowly removed her saree and inskirt. I made ambujavalli nude in front of me and asked her to walk across the room with her hair loose. 

She did so and i was made and went behind her and pressed my dick in to her big round bottoms. By that time my cum was oozing out all over her buttocks, i made her sit and thrusted my hard cock inside her mouth and shoved it deep in to her throad, she drank my entire semen and later kissed my dick and again sucked it hungrly. I put ambujavalli on the bed and licked her pussy al over. I entered ambujavalli and for 45 minutes i fucked her all over and over again. All through the fuck ambujavalli was shouting that this is sex and she needs me for ever and ever. 

My real goodness i can never forget that sex tution ambujavalli had taught me and any time she calls me for a special class i get the hint and i go mad with my heavy dick to plaly with her. Sex starved women with well formed bodies call me i can fuck for three hours without ejaculation. Love Indirajita


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