Lovely student

I had this few years ago with a lovely girl. Her name is Sujatha . It happen when i am doing my masters in compouter sc. 

I met this lovely girl few years ago. That time i am doing my Final year engeerning. 
she joined in BS in CS in Shaddan college. One of her family friend told my name and asked to contat me 

if she has any questions. One day i came from the college . my phone is ringing , Sweet voice from other side 

asked can i talk siva. I said , its me . 

She introduced her name as sujatha and told details about her uncle. 

I said you can come and meet me, if you need any help. 

One day she came to my home with her cousin who is 6 years old. 

She is awesome beautiful. Nice body color,nice hair and cute face.She is arround 18 years old. 

She sat for a while and had conversations. 

Then later onewards she used come often and some times she used chat with me on phone. 

after few weeks , she stopped talking with me about computers and started talking with me about other things 

I was also intersted to hear her voice and teasing her with my words. 

Trust me she even told me about her dreams and masturbation. 

I felt like having sex with her, I thought she was too intersted. 

after few days we move to Khairthabad one of posh place in hyderabad , which very close to her college too. 

For some period we dont have any contact because she went on vacation and I am busy with my PG college 

Since her college is few minutes from my home she started coming quite often and asking me various question on 


When ever she had a question showing the problem in computer screen, used bent near to me bringing her face 

close to my face or her boobs close to my lips. 

One day i was not able to control my self and kissed her boobs. She didnot say anything. 

Next minute she repeated same then i took them in my hand.pressed it. 

She got angry and asked me what are you doing. Do you know this much ? Dont you know anything else. 

That question surprised me and took her on my lap and kissed on her 
chick , neck and put my hand inside of her top 

started squeezing her boobs. it gave me nice pleasure and doing this since after long time. 

I removed my hand started kissing on her lip and my hand moved inside 
of her frock and moved further close to her pussy. it was so hot and i took her hand moved to my penis 

then i removed my hand from there and squeezing her other boobs and kissng her . 

Since it is my sleeping and study room .No one will come there because they think i always busy with my programming. 

Without delay I pushed her on bed and removed her top and bra. 
started sucking her boobs and try to remove her frock too. To our bad suddenly the phone had rang and it disturbed us. 

while i am speaking on the phone she removed my pant and kissing arround my lower part. I told my friend i will call back since i have 
to go out now. 

without delay i put fingers in her hair. pulled towards me and started kissing alover the body. 

i moved hand inside in her pussy. To our luck that day no one at home. So i ran towrds kitchen brought a nice and long carrot, 

to put it in her pussy. 

She hesitated intially but later she didnot say anything. 

I asked her proceed her self and so that i can play with her boobs. wow she moared like anything while i am playing with her boobs. 

The i removed the carrot and hold her hand entered in her pussy with hard thick penis. 

i laid on bed and asked her to sit on penis like a "L" shape and asked her to fuck me. 

It was giving me long play and i started playing with her Boobs.She too enjoyed. 

This time i was anble to control my self and asked Can i realse my cum inside. She asked me wear condom. Too our bad luck the condom is not available 

I told if i get sperm , i will removed my penis. I could not control myself to remove, but some how i managed it. but some sperm entered in 

her vargina.She told me it was really good and verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. 

We thought of doing again, but i felt it is better to get wash and get the condom and have it. 

Some how we could not do it, it was already 2PM , she said she has to go home. After this we become close to each other. 

When ever she comes we didnot had too much of sex but we have boddy touched and kissing. She passed her first year abd her family become close to each other 

she used to call me brother in front of her parents and darling when we are alone. 

Since every one in our family didnot think badly. So this is freed to more to us and have body tocuhing quite often. 

One day she told her parents she going to my home to tie the rakhi. That day no one at our home . I am alone. 

Sine we already plaaned this , she wore nice white color sari and had bunch of jasimine flowers in her hair. 

Soon she entered i grabbed her and had lip kiss. told her your very sexy. 

I took her to my parent bed room and we laid on bed and i removed her sari . So that i moved my hand on her tummy , boobs and pussy. 

She was so excited and ran towards her bad and removed the condom and some pills. I noticed she was having birht controlpills and told 
me i would like to leave some pills here so that when we have sex we can use it. Without delay i removed her blouse , bra and petticoat 

started sucking her boobs.I told her since you used pills i dont need to use the condom. I entered in her vargina and fucked her power fully. 

and laid back my self bed asked her to come as "L" shape , play with my penis. Wow It is terrible. Since we are having this after few days 

it really felt me happy and i moved on her top and fucked for while and realsed my cum. BEleive me it filled on fully pussy and slept on her body. 

Smeeling nice jasmine flower. We washed our body and thenm slept naked for long time. I dont know how much i time i squeezed her boobs 

it become very REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I also noticed lot of teeth marks on her boobs. We waked up when some body buzzed our calling bell. 

Friends , To my bad luck i thought marrying this girl, the transferred to chennai. It has been year we dont have any type of contacts with her. 

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