Harami manager

hi guys and gals thanks for those comments. this one about my manager who is 49yrs and always looking for females in our office and he is getting success also. 

one of my friend krishna confessed me "how to get out of his wife from his hands?" 

first of all let me tell about krishna he is 32 yrs old and his wife sweta is 28yrs old looking sexy and they are blessed with one kid 1yr old. all of us knows about our manager mr.j.singh (north indian) and he is close to me. even krishna knows about him still he lost his wife to him. 

what happened was when he came to coimbatore from chennai ( along with me) he eyed from day one krishna`s wife swetha.he started planning to fuck swetha ( i even warned krishna to be cautious about this fellow , but still he lost). 

it was well planned trap, ( i was in bangalore for some short project). when i was in bangalore krishna followed me to help i told him to go back i dont need any help and it may be j.singhs plan to keep you out for two days. he rushed back once i gone back to coimbatore he did not say anything i thought nothing happened. now from his confession what he told me. 

"when krishna left for bangalore the same day evening mr.j.singh phoned swetha to come to his house for party but she refused. but the j.singh told that all will be coming with their families and it is not correct if you absent, he insisted that just show your head and go back just for 5 minutes i will send my car to your house you can come with your child. now for that she agreed . 

when car brought her with the baby to his house at 8pm she suspected some thing fishy as no one was present in his house and there is no sign of party. he is staying alone in the company guest house. when she entered his house she asked " what happened no body is here you told some party". he was replying "its party between us dear" she frightened and about to go back but all the doors are closed. the driver was instructed to close the door. 

she was afraid and almost fearing and trembling with the baby( the baby was just 4 months old). 

she was crying and telling please let me go he was not listening and told her ok i will leave provided if you give company for just 30minutes in his bedroom. 

she was shocked and begging that i am married woman and with baby now, he was not listening he held her tightly along with the baby( the baby was sleeping). 

he just carried her with the baby to the bed room.on reaching bedroom he kept her in the bed. 

she was wearing sarree and looking sexy. he taken the baby force fully from her and kept on the sofa by covering baby with small towel. 

by now swetha was trying to escape from the bedroom through doors and windows but in vain all doors are closed. 

he just started the handy cam and kept over the sofa and came near to swetha and held her by the hairs, as he was huge and she was helpless.he carried her by holding hair and slapped her once and thrown her to the bed. she was just trembling with fear he slowly became nude and jumped over her like cat. 

he was in hurry to take away her sarre with petticoat over hips and torn the panty. he simply inserted his dick inside her vagina and started to pump her it was almost with full force and he kept on sucking her lips and by the mean time he torn her blouse with the bra and freed her boobs. 

he is massive man he kept her legs over his shoulders and banging her hard. and he is sucking those boobs with milk. 

he released heavy loads of cum inside her pussy within 15minutes of banging and he layed there keeping his cock inside her pussy. 

then he made her nude and started to suck the boobs slowly and gave his dick to suck it clean she was hesitant but he forced her face by holding her hair and inserted his dick inside her mouth. 

when he gained his cock back to hardness due to her sucking he rolled her over and started to fuck in doggy style. 

he kept on fucking her through the whole night and in between when the baby cried she was feeding the baby while he kept on pumping her from behind. 

when the baby stopped the taking the milk he go over her in missionary position to fuck her nicely. 

the next day early morning he left her to her house in hir car and told her to come in the same night for good fuck. he warned her if she told anybody or not coming tonight he will show the recordings to the public and will spoil her name. 

this continued for the second night also but on the third day she confessed everything to krishna when he reached back. he was furious.but due to the cam he recorded he planed to play it safe. 

now the situation is such he gives the call to krishna to bring his wife to his house in the late night and ask him to pick her up in the morning. 

he did once but the second day he refused but j.singh came to his house in the night 11pm when krishna opened the door he can see j.singh is fully drunken and asking where is swetha and was coming inside. he was begging her sir she is not well and with the baby inside the bedroom he was not listening he gone inside the bedroom unmindfull of her sleeping he jumped over her and she was in nighty, he started to fuck her by good missionary position. 

krishna taken his baby out in the hall and slept in the sofa with the baby while j.singh forcefully banging swetha inside his own bedroom.... 

he could not sleep as the sounds of her screaming and the cot. this time from her sound he come to know that he has taken her virginity of her ass....." 

while finishing he told that this is regular feature, he is coming to my house in the night and fucking swetha whenever he wants and he even goes to his house in the day time for good fucking he is unable to do anything. now on my advice he sent his wife to her native place ( and now he is looking to swith over to other company what a pity). 


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