Great enjoyment

I'll explain U my sex experience with a cute teacher. Sorry, she is not a teacher of mine, she is my neighbour. 

She was very beautiful with long hair, blue eyes & her age is 23. She has a sexy figure of 38-26-34 & was very sexy exspecially in sarees. Once I went to her house to get some curd. At that time my maid went to a picture with another neighbour. When I went to the teacher's house she was in a pink saree which suits her very well with matching blouse i.e, jacket. She was alone in her house as her parents went to tirupathi. I took the curd & was about to leave, then she said me to have dinner in her house & I readily agreed. 

I was watching her structure when she was suppling me food. While I was having food she went to kitchen to get some ghee & while returning she fell down. I immediately ran to her & lifted her with my hands under her shoulder's slightly touching her boobs. She looked at me & gave me cunning smile & I too did the same. With courage I pressed her boobs & she gave me good responce by coming near. By this I was with great courage & I hugged her & gave her a french kiss hardly on her rosy lips & got a very great response from her. I lifted her & took her to her bed room. Then I took off her clothes & started sucking her big boobs which were really hot. By then she was moaning uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, Then I sucked her navel. 

OH! that was the sexiest part of her. I kept grapes in her navel & ate them. She then took off my clothes & sucked all over my body. She took my cleanly shaved tool in her mouth & sucked it really hard. Oh I was in heaven in that time. Then I made her sleep on the bed, parted her legs & started sucking her pink pussy. 

By that time she was in heaven & was moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! oooooooohhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, I incerted my tounge deep in her pussy & was sucking her hard really. She then pulled me towards her, gave me a big french kiss & said to fuck her really hard. I then incerted my tool in her pussy & started the job slowly. As it was first time to her, the pussy was very tight & was paining a lot to both of us. Then I increased the speed, the pain increased & she was shouting out of pain & after some time she started bleeding. 

I asked her should I stop but she said that she liked the pain & the way of fucking. Then we did sex for about three hours & we did it in all positions. I fuck her even now when ever we r free. & the most sexiest part in her body is no doubt her navel. 


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