Fucked for pleasure

This happened a week before. As I am studying in college, which is far from mumbai, I had to stay in a hostel. Our hostel fees were quite high so I decided to ask somebody for paying guest. We have a Madam in our exam section office. One day she happened to call me during our break period, I went to her and asked her “ yes madam why did you called me” she said “ tum room talash kar rahe ho na “ I said “ haan kyon aapke nazar me koi room hein kya” she said “ haan mere ghar mein ek kamara mein tumhe de sakti hoon bhade pe” I agreed instantly as I was in need of it. 

I went to her house with her after college, her husband had arrived till we reached, she gave my introduction to her husband…we settled money matters and I decided to shift the same day only. Few days passed, every day I used to here them fighting on something thing, which I was not able to hear (I mean the topic of their fight). One day I was having my breakfast with her husband while she was doing her cooking, after he finished his breakfast he left for office, I took that advantage and asked her about their fight, she said “ nahi re kuch nahi, mera matlab who tere bas ki baat nahi.” I said “ aare madam mujhe bo ke to dekho shayad koi hal nikal jaye” first she disagreed but after some friendly argument she agreed to tell me. She started telling me that for one year they are trying to have sex but failed as his dick was too big for hers to insert, she said “ ek bar to unhone pure zor se daalne ki koshish ki per koi faida nahi hooua shayed mera flexible hi nahi hein” she continued” aab tum hi bolo me kya karoon” I adviced her that why don’t you use more oil before inserting, but she said that they have tried that too, but no gains. 

Too my surprise she asked me “ tumhara kya size hein”, I was really surprised but I boldy continued saying that its big enough to satisfy you. She was also surprised with my reply and said” dekhoon to, tumhare baat mein kitna daam hein” thus saying she told me to stand up and I did the same. She took her hand and started feeling my 6” erected penis. Now my penis was as hard as rock, she was excited to see it and as I was wearing shorts, she pulled them down. She just said ” chal under aaj college ko chutti” thus saying she took me in her bedroom. Let me tell you about her, she is slim but with sexy butt. 

She undressed her sari I was just watching her, then she told me to unhook her blouse and I did it, her tits were small but well curved. I moved my hands over both of her boobs and pressed them hard, as I pressed she gave a loud moan, she then pushed my head towards her lips and I quickly kissed her without wasting time her thick juicy lips I kissed them for a min while my hands were pressing her butt. Then I laid her on the bed and undid her nadi of parkar, I pulled it out of her legs slowly and I was getting view of her panties I was removing her parkar. 

I came over her and started kissing her on her lips and face portion, then I went down to her boobs, I started licking them over her bra, she was pressing my head towards her. Then I went down and started kissing her pussy, I did it over her bra and panty for few minutes. Then I removed her bra and started sucking her nipples alternately she was moaning and saying “ aur zor se aaahhaaaaahhha bahut aacha lag rahan hein “ I did suck her nipples for 5 mins till her nipples were hard then I went down and removed her panties and found out a well shaved chut, I kissed her pussy really hard and she instantly griped my head with her legs. I split her legs with both my hands and continued kissing and sucking her pussy lips, I kissed and sucked her pussy for sometime when she separated her pussy lips and pointed her ‘dana’ and said “ isse chbaoo” I had never seen this and obeyed her orders and started sucking and biting that dana. 

As soon as I took her dana in my mouth and started sucking, she started moaning loudly and deeply….” Aaaahahahaahnnn aur zor se tum sahi ja rahein ho aur aur aaaahaaann” hearing this I got turned on and started sucking it more vigourously, I did this for nearly 15 mins. She was now ready for insertion, I took my penis and started moving it over her pussy…she said “ aab tarsao maat mujhe ander chahiye ppppllllleeeeaaaasseee dalo please” she was begging for mine to be inside, I took my penis and started inserting it slowly inside her, inserted it slowly till it was fully inside really her pussy was tight like new and waited for few sec again she started begging “ ruko mat me aur sahen nahi sakti ….. aaa hha … chodo mujhe”, hearing this I started giving her slow strokes and as soon as I started giving her strokes she moaned with pleasure, now I increased my speed slowly and as I increased my speed she moaned loudly….for few mins I did over her. 

She then told me to change the position, now she came over me she took my penis and inserted inside her pussy till was fully inside her. She started moving up and down, I started moving my hands over her body as she was moving up and down. For 15mins we were doing in that position and finally I was going to cum. I said “ mera bahar aanewala hein … kya karoon”, she said” mujhme pura dalo “ , at that time I was at peak and without saying anything I unloaded fully inside her chut. She came to me and kissed me on my lips and slept besides me. I went in the bathroom and cleaned myself…. when I came out I saw her lying there. I went to her and started kissing her pussy to my surprise my dick again stood erect so I decided to fuck her and started licking her body within no secs she started moaning like anything, so I quickly inserted inside her and started fucking till I cummed inside her…. that day we had sex whole day till her husband arrived at six o clock. We are having sex now whenever we get time.


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