Computer Homework

Hi people. It's me Saurav with another of my sex stories wit two of my teachers. Mrs. Parobita and Miss Kamala. Among this I love Parobita Ma'am she was a Bengali but a fat and muscular lady she had a very good body while Kamala miss was think but not bad. Kamala miss used to teach us computers but Parobita doesn't teach us anything she's a junior in charge. Both kamala miss and Parobita miss were good friends. 

I was in grade 10. I hadn't done my computers homework and kamala miss was noticing me Friday too I hadn't done my homework. She took me to her house and phoned my parents telling that I hadn't done my homework and I would be doing it in her house and hug up. Then she said that first I would be punished she took me to her bedroom catching and asked me to get naked at first I hesitated but then she took off my clothes by herself I had my underwear on and she took it off too. 

Suddenly the bell rang she took by clothes and put them somewhere and locked me into the room. I was peeping from the keyhole and to my surprise Parobita ma'am had come. Then I herd that Parobita madam's husband was out and she had come to spend the night with Kamala miss. Then kamala miss said that she had a gift for her. Then she opened her bedroom door and said that I would company them the night. Parobita ma'am gave a cute smile to me. Then I was given my uniform and we had supper and then Kamala miss looked at me and said its time boy. 

Then we 3 went to her bedroom. Then she said me to lie on the naked then she took out oil and Parobita rubbed it in my back. Then kamala miss went to get some ice at this time I undressed Parobita miss and started rubbing her pussy, and then kamala miss arrived and then she said me to get of her bed then she undressed herself and then lied in her bed and put the ices on her pussy and asked me to lick it. 

I then licked the ice when she hit me on my back and said I knew nothing at that moment I slapped her and threw the ice and started licking her pussy and started rubbing her boobs which became very hard then I pulled Parobita ma'am in bed and started rubbing her breast with one hand and Kamala's pussy with other then kamala said naughty by then I found that kamala was Cumming I asked Parobita to rub both her breasts on Kamala's pussy then the liquid stuck in her boobs and kamala and I started licking it . 

Then both of them said Saurav we are all yours. Then I asked kamala to kneel and suck my dick while I started to kiss Parobita after about 15mins put my dick on Parobita's dick and started fucking her in the same direction and then Kamala said fuck me too I started fucking her doggy style and was rubbing Parobita's pussy with one hand and breasts with the other and licked them too. 

We continued it for and hour making turns then all of us were exhausted then Parobita said that we'll separate butt naked and then my dick was inside Parobita's pussy and my hands grabbing Kamala's pussy. Next morning when we woke up we were at the same position. Then we dressed ourselves and left for school. 

In this way I had sex with both of my teachers and we now have it in a regular basis. If anyone here in Nepal want my service mail me at I'll be there for you. Till then bi


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