College week 4

The story I am going to tell you is absolutely true and would love to share it with you. I am not joking it is really a true story. Before that let me tell you people something about e. I am Sunitha. I finished my Gradutaion this year from kochi, Kerala India. I am 5’ 5” fair, and slim. I have a stats of 36C-26-38. My boy friend says I have a sweet ass. And would also like to say that I am not looking for people to fuck me. So please do not mail me regarding that. Just want to share my experience with you guys. The experience I am going to tell happened to me when I am was in 10th standard. My email is I am giving this email just for sharing experiences. Add me to your MSN Messenger. i will hcat with you. Do NOT EXPECt my replies to the email. 


When I got up in the morning, I stretched, then grinned to myself, remembering what I'd told my dad. No clothes for me at all. I came downstairs and used the bathroom. Just as I started running the water for the shower, I heard the doorbell ring. I started to get in the shower anyway, but it rang again. 

I left the water running, but went to answer the door, blushing because I was naked. It was Manoj's friend Roger. 

"Hi -- wow!" he said enthusiastically, looking me over. 

"Hi, Roger," I said, smiling nervously. 

"I just came over to see if you'd taken your shower yet," he said. 

"Not yet," I admitted. "Would you like to come in and watch me again?" I offered reluctantly. 

He shook his head, and I almost sighed right out loud. Then he looked at me, smiling hopefully. "Would you mind coming over to my house to shower?" 

"Your... house?" I asked, then blushed hard. "W-why do you want me to do that?" 

"It's just a block away," he said persuasively. "My older brother in college is home for the weekend with a few of his buddies," he explained. 

I reminded myself I didn't expect much in the way of privacy for the day. I remembered my walk around town from the previous day, and for that matter, I'd done the same thing the evening before. Not to mention all of my other adventures. 

I giggled. "Sure, I'll do it. Just give me a second, though." He stepped inside, and I went to the bathroom to shut off the water. I also told my mother I wouldn't be having breakfast at home, and would see her after school. I put on shoes and socks, then came back to the door. 

Roger was surprised I was still bare, I guess. "Aren't you going to take any clothes?" 

I smiled and shook my head. "I'm ready right now. Let's go!" 

"All right," he nodded, and we stepped outside and walked over to his house. He seemed surprised; when we saw cars come by, I was clearly blushing, but stood right out in the open, letting them look me over if they wanted to. 

"What do you want me to do, exactly?" I asked Roger uneasily as we walked along the sidewalk. "Are you all just going to come into the bathroom and watch me take a shower?" 

"Well... yeah, I guess," he said, looking a little anxiously at me. "That's all right, isn't it?" 

"Sure!" I reassured him with a quick smile. I took a breath. "But... I'll do whatever you want me to while I'm in the shower." 

"You will?" he asked. 

I nodded, blushing a little. "I've... gotten kind of used to people looking at me while I'm naked," I explained. "You can have me do... anything you like." 

"That sounds like a lot of fun," he grinned. 

We stopped outside his house and I left my shoes and socks by the door, then went inside. It was a big, nice house; I'd never been in it before. 

The other guys were in the living room, and grinned and stared as I walked in. I blushed, but then smiled at them and kept my hands to my sides, letting them look at me. There were three of them, plus Roger. 

"This is my brother Jack," Roger introduced. "Jack, this is Sunitha." 

"Hel-lo, Sunitha!" He grinned broadly. 

"Hi, Jack," I said to him, smiling Dileepidly. 

"This is George, David and Ted," he introduced the others, and I smiled and said hello to each of them. 

"You wanted me to shower in front of these guys. Shall we get started?" I asked Roger nervously. 

He nodded. "Come on, guys, let's go in the bathroom. Sunitha said she'll do anything we want in the shower." 

I smiled at them, and followed Roger into the bathroom. 

"Go ahead and start, Sunitha," he told me. 

I turned on the water and adjusted it so it was warm, then got under it. Roger pulled the curtain open as wide as possible. I giggled at the guys, then jiggled my chest for them a little. 

"Can you face us and spread your legs wide?" Roger asked me. 

"All right," I agreed, and faced them, setting my feet wide apart. 

"Reach up and touch the top of the shower with both hands," another of the boys said. He was George, I remembered after a moment. 

I did as he said. The boys all grinned, staring at me. 

"Wow, what great tits!" 

"Look at those pretty blonde curls!" 

"I'd like to get my face between her breasts!" 

"How about a nice look at your ass, now, Sunitha?" David suggested after a couple of minutes. "Bend over and put your palms against the bottom of the tub, but keep your knees unbent." 

I nodded and bent over, and let the boys look at me that way as well. 

"Stand up straight again," Ted told me. "Face us, set your feet apart... wider... good... now spread open your pussy." 

I did so, blushing, but trying to be as obedient as I could. 

"How long are you going to keep doing what we say?" George asked me curiously. 

"Well, I have to go to school. Until I have to leave, I guess," I told him. 

"What limits do you have?" he asked. 

"I'm only going to do it in the shower," I said firmly. "I guess I'll do whatever you want as long as it's part of my shower. And you have to let me get ready for school!" 

"All right, you can wash yourself, and use shampoo," Roger told me. "Just let us watch." 

"Sure," I nodded, smiling, and lathered myself with soap. 

One of the guys reached in and turned off the water. 

"What did you do that for?" I asked him uncomfortably. 

"I thought it would be nice to see you all covered with soap lather, without it washing off," he explained. "Just keep going, please." 

I did so, and was soon covered all over with thick lather. "Can I rinse it off now?" I asked him. 

"Sure, get under the shower head and I'll turn it on," he said. "Look up at the shower head, and don't look down until the soap is all rinsed off, okay? And stay under the water until you're all rinsed." 

I nodded, and he turned the water back on. 

I kept my eyes on the shower head as requested, and turned myself back and forth to rinse off the soap. As I did so, I felt the water getting a little cooler, and started to ask him to adjust it to be a little warmer. Then it got really cold. I gasped, and started to hastily reach down to adjust the temperature. 

"Keep looking up, Sunitha," the guy told me, chuckling. "And leave the water temperature to us, please!" 

"P-p-please, make it warmer!" I begged. "I'm freezing!" 

"I will, when you finish rinsing off," he said, laughing. 

It seemed to take forever, but I stayed under the chilly water, and finally I felt the water get warmer. "There, you can adjust it for yourself now," he told me. 

I turned it warmer, then warmer again, and rubbed my arms and thighs under the water until I felt warmer. 

"That was interesting," the guy told me, grinning broadly. 

"It... was?" I asked, feeling a little hostile toward him. 

"Your nipples got big and really firm looking," he explained cheerfully. 

The other guys were chuckling. 

"All... right," I shrugged finally, blushing, then giggling. "I'm glad it was fun for you!" I shampooed my hair, then rinsed it out, and got out of the shower. 

"Want a towel, or would you prefer to have some help drying off?" Roger's brother Jaffer had a towel in his hand. 

"Um... I'd like the towel, please!" I took it from him and dried myself off, then hung it up and grinned at the guys. "I'm glad that's over!" 

"Are you going to get dressed now?" one of the guys asked me. 

I shook my head. "I didn't even bring any clothes," I told him. "I walked over here naked. I'm not going to wear anything all day, until I get home from school. Except shoes!" I smiled at them. "Roger, what Time is it? Don't we have to get to school pretty soon?" 

"School starts at 10:00 today," he told me. 

"Well, we have Time for breakfast, anyway, then, right? Want me to make it?" 

We had pancakes, which I made, with the guys eagerly looking on. When we were done, it was still only 9:00. 

"Are you guys up for a dare?" I asked them all with a challenging grin. "I've been doing all kinds of stuff for you," I pointed out. 

"What did you have in mind, Sunitha?" Jack asked me. 

"You guys ought to find out what being exposed is like," I said. "I'd like to see all of you take off all of your clothes and run out the front door, go around the house and swimming pool, then come in the back door." 

Several of them looked uneasy about the idea. 

"We can't!" Ted protested. "We might be arrested for indecent exposure." 

I shrugged and laughed. "Do it, or I think I'll just go home," I said. I looked down at myself. "I've been running around bare naked for several days. Surely you can make it around the house!" 

They argued about it for a few minutes. Then Jack held up his hand. "I can see her point," he said slowly. "Anyway... it'll be kind of exciting. We probably won't be seen by anyone. And even if we were, we probably wouldn't be arrested." He looked around grinning. "Come on, guys!" He started taking off his clothes in the living room. 

A couple of the other guys followed his example, and I grinned, watching them. A couple of the others blushed and hesitated, but then started slowly undressing. One of them, Ted, turned around. 

"Hey now!" I complained good-naturedly. Look right at me while you do that!" 

He sheepishly faced back toward me and uneasily went on with removing his clothes. 

One guy was left... that was Roger, who was my brother's age; 13. 

"Either everyone does it, or I'm leaving," I told him, giggling. "You too, Roger! Come on, you had a lot of fun making me walk over here, shower in front of you, and cook for you in just my skin." 

The other guys teased him; they were all either naked or nearly so. "Come on, Roger!" "Show it to her, Roger!" "It's your damned house, you can do it, too!" He turned really red, but slowly took off his clothes. I giggled; I knew what he felt like, though! 

They all ran out the front door together, and I grinned broadly, watching them go around the edge of the house. Then I dashed through the house and locked the big patio door in back, then ran back and locked the front door as well. 

I watched outside the back until they came dashing as fast as they could around the pool and up to the back door. I laughed at them as they desperately tried to get in. 

"Hey! Open the door!" "Come on, Sunitha!" "Please, open it!" 

"Go back to the front and try that one!" I called to them. 

They pleaded with me for a couple of more minutes, then went dashing back around the house. I watched out the front door, waiting for them to come back and find out they couldn't get in that way, either. 

They surprised me, though; a minute later I heard them coming up the basement stairs. I gulped and ran back through the house, then decided I'd better leave; they weren't going to be very happy with me! I dashed for the back door, but had trouble opening it. Jack and Ted caught my arms from behind. 

"You weren't thinking of leaving, were you, Sunitha? Just when we were all having so much fun?" Jack pushed me through the house, back to the living room. 

"It was just a joke!" I protested. "I've been so embarrassed and scared... I thought it would be funny to see someone else feel that way for a change!" I looked around at the guys. They looked pretty upset. "I'm... sorry!" 

"It was really funny," George nodded, looking at me angrily. "We never made you do anything you didn't want to do, and we cooperated with your little request, too." 

"You're going to have to pay for your tAbhi," Jack told me in a chilly tone. "You abused our trust without our consent, so I don't think what comes as a result needs your consent." 

I started to turn toward him to protest. 

"Don't say anything," he ordered me. "No words at all, unless someone tells you to, or asks you something, and then say just what you're told. Don't meet anyone's eyes, or you'll get slapped. You're going to fully cooperate with whatever we decide to do with you for the rest of the morning. If someone grabs at your body, you will not avoid them or try to get away. Even if something hurts, you just have to put up with it and enjoy it the best you can. Now move your legs wide apart and act like the slut you really are." 

I obeyed, looking down at the floor, feeling very nervous. He reached for my chest and roughly grabbed my breasts. 

"We can go ahead, right?" George said from behind me. 

"Sure, do anything you want with her," Jack said cheerfully. 

I felt hands on my behind, then they were pulling my buttocks apart a little. Someone slid his fingers in my vagina, then into my ass, which hurt some. I yelped, and almost looked up, but kept my eyes down and kept meekly looking at the floor. 

"We should have her have sex with Roger," someone suggested. 

"Will you do that, Sunitha?" Roger asked. 

I blushed hard but nodded. They'd just make me do it anyway. 

There was laughter from several guys. "Sure she will," Ted said. "She'll do it on top. Sit down over there on the couch, Roger, and let her get on top of you." 

The other guys continued running their hands over my body for a couple of minutes. I had to keep my hands behind my head and my legs wide open, letting them handle me however they wanted. It was humiliating; they laughed and teased me, but I was responding, breathing more heavily and squirming, and there was no way for me to hide that from them. 

"Ready for her, Roger?" Jack asked. 

"All right," he replied, hesitant but also eager. 

Someone held my wrists together and forced me over to the couch. "Have you ever done it from on top before?" he asked me. 

I shook my head, and looked Dileepidly at Roger on the couch. His cock was hard and purple, and he was sitting naked on the couch and looking up at me. 

WHACK! I was slapped across the face from behind, hard. "Keep your eyes down, slut!" the guy behind me said sharply. 

"Sorry!" I apologized in a sob. 

WHACK! He slapped me again. "Be quiet, no one asked you to talk. Spread your knees wide apart, and lower yourself so his cock goes right in your pussy, then slide yourself up and down until he comes. As soon as he does, you stand up and step back, then kneel in front of him with your knees wide apart, and lick his cock until it's clean and swallow everything you lick up. If you understand, say 'Please, may this slutty teenaged blonde attempt to please you, Master Roger!'" 

I kept my eyes down. "Please, may this slutty teenaged blonde attempt to please you, Master Roger?" 

"Uh, all right," he said. "Sure!" 

I moved up to him, looking down at his cock but carefully not looking at his face. I positioned myself over him and lowered myself until his cock slid into me. 

It felt different than having sex with the guy on top. I didn't decide then if I liked it that way -- the other guys were laughing and jeering, and the whole experience was excruciatingly humiliating. I concentrated on doing what I'd been told. I moved myself up and down, sliding Roger's cock in and out, in and out. 

"Moan right out loud, slut," one of the guys told me, slapping my bottom. 

"Owww!" I gasped. 

"Don't clench your teeth. We don't mind hearing you react." The others chuckled. 

I opened my mouth a little, then I was unable to muffle my gasps and moans. That was even more humiliating; the guys mockingly emulated my helpless sounds. But I had no choice, I had to do what they wanted! I was getting more excited as I continued. 

I suddenly realized the whole experience was something like rape fantasies I'd had. It didn't really make any difference; I had to do what they were making me do anyway. I got a little thrill from the thought that I was being raped. I never really felt like it was true; I felt like they were kind of justified in doing it. I didn't think they'd really hurt me, either. 

I felt Roger start to come inside me, and he moaned in glee. I kept sliding myself up and down on him for a minute, and felt myself starting to come, too. 

"Not so fast, slut," one of the guys behind me said, laughing. "This is for his pleasure, not yours." I was pulled back from him, then forced down to my knees, and my face pushed between Roger's legs. The guys held me by the wrists, too, keeping my hands above my head while I licked Roger's cock clean. 

They made me stand up. "There, did you like that?" one of the guys asked me jovially. 

I kept my eyes on the floor, but nodded slightly. 

"Good! You can do it again with me," another guy said. 

"I'm going to put it in her ass when she does," another added, and they all laughed. 

I don't remember all of the details, but a lot of things happened pretty quickly. Someone did sit on the couch. I didn't dare look at his face to see who it was, but I had to get on top of him as I had with Roger, and have sex with him from on top. I did so readily enough, and started to come almost right away. Someone behind stopped me, making me prolong my orgasm, and slid some gel between my buttocks, then told me to resume what I'd been doing. I yelled and did so, coming hard... but then yelled even louder from the pain as one of them firmly shoved his cock into my ass. 

"Don't stop!" I heard a guy say in a commanding voice. Gasping and groaning, I continued having sex with the guy on the couch. While I did, the person behind me continued forcing himself into and out of me from behind. 

It didn't last for long, but was an amazing mixture of intense pleasure and intense pain while it did last. I don't know all of what happened to me, or who was involved. 

At some point, I was slumped against the couch on my knees. "It's over, Sunitha," one of the guys told me. "Come on, you have to get to school! You should take a shower first, though." 

"What Time is it?" I asked. 

It was about 9:45; I had 20 minutes to get to school. He helped me to my feet and I found it was Jack who had spoken. 

"Are you all right?" he asked me, a little anxiously. 

"Oh, sure!" I smiled at him. "It was... quite an experience," I said. 

"Come on and get in the shower," he urged me, and I hurried to the bathroom. I showered hurriedly, then stepped out. A couple of the guys had towels in their hands; I shrugged and smiled and let them towel me off. I combed my hair straight; it was still wet. I then hurried outside and got my shoes and socks back on. Roger was waiting outside; he walked to the high school with me. 

"Do you mind... this morning?" he asked me anxiously. 

I tried to look serious, but then giggled. "It was very exciting!" I told him. "Some of it was more adventurous than I might have done voluntarily. And I'm a little sore now! But it was a lot of fun overall," I reassured him. "Um... do I have any bruises or anything?" 

"Not at all," he said, looking me over. "Are you sure it was okay?" 

I smiled at him. "I'm sure! I had a great Time," I told him. "But it's sweet of you to ask. Thanks, Roger!" 

"You're so pretty, so nice and such a great sport about everything. Thanks for all of that!" He smiled at me. 

He had to go one way and I had to go the other. I gave him a warm hug, then walked up toward the high school. Several other kids saw me and came toward me, grinning. I was bare naked except for shoes and socks, of course, but not all that embarrassed about it, especially not after all that had happened that morning. 

"Hi!" I said, smiling at them. 

"Hi, Sunitha!" one of the guys said, and a few others joined in. 

"You look more comfortable with not having clothing than you have the rest of the week," one of the girls observed. 

"It's my last day!" I said. "I'm going to try to relax and enjoy it today, as much as I can! That's why I didn't even wear clothes to school this morning." 

"I noticed that," another guy said. "Nice touch, Sunitha!" 

"Thanks!" I giggled. "I'm glad you like it this way!" 

Since school had been delayed, my first class on Friday was gym. We were going to be in the pool again. I hurried down to the guy's locker room, anxious not to be late, and left my shoes and socks. The few guys who were running a little late, like me, grinned at me, and we walked out to the pool together. 

I was not self-conscious at all, I realized. I felt fine as I stepped out in front of the rest of the class. I smiled at Mr. Shanker. He looked surprised, but nodded to me, indicating I should take my place in the lineup against the wall. The straggler guys did the same. 

Mr. Shanker looked along the row of people. "I think everyone's here now," he said. "We're going to do something a little different in the pool today. I think it's Time for everyone to try skinny dipping. Starting right... now... you all have 5 minutes to get your swimsuits off and then to get into the water." 

I felt shocked for a minute, then I felt elated. I giggled, looking around at my embarrassed classmates. 

A couple of the boys took their suits off immediately, leaving them on the deck, and jumped into the water. The rest were looking at each other, or at the floor, and not moving at all. 

"Four minutes!" Mr. Shanker announced. "Come on, it's a class assignment." 

A few of the girls huddled together, then took off their swimsuits, and leapt hastily into the water. A couple more guys joined them. 

"3 minutes! You haven't got much Time," Mr. Shanker advised the rest. 

At that point, most of them bit their lips and removed their swimsuits, and were in the water before another minute passed. 

"2 minutes!" 

"Come on, you guys," I urged them. "It's not a big deal. Everyone has to do it." 

"1 minute!" Everyone had complied with his directive except one stubborn looking boy and two very nervous girls. The boy suddenly tossed off his suit and dove into the water. I jumped in, too; Mr. Shanker had said we had to be in the water, and I made sure I was in before the 5 minutes was up. 

One of the remaining girls made it. The other was blushing hard and wailing; still wearing her suit. "I just can't!" she said tearfully. Her name was Meera. She was petite, dark haired and very pretty. I felt some sympathy for her, but also some impatience. Why was she any better than the rest of us? 

Mr. Shanker looked at her sadly, and shook his head. He stepped over to her, then grabbed her firmly by the arm. "A couple of you guys can come and help," he said over his shoulder, and four of them eagerly pulled themselves out of the water. 

"What are you going to do?" she demanded, then tried to pull away from him. It didn't do her any good; Mr. Shanker was much stronger. She struggled for a minute or two longer, then the boys converged around her and Mr. Shanker. A moment later, one of them held out her top, and another showed that he had her swimsuit bottom. Blushing fiercely, Meera was held by her arms facing the rest of us, completely bare. The guys all cheered, and so did a few of the girls. 

"Miss Horton will be attending classes unclothed for today," Mr. Shanker announced. "You can pick up your clothes from me at the end of the day, Miss Horton. You are not allowed to cover any of yourself from view for the rest of the day, and must consider yourself on display for anyone so desiring. You're allowed two breaks to go to the bathroom, for no more than 5 minutes each. You may be required by teachers to participate in classroom lessons, as directed by the teacher." 

The class cheered again. She was subject to the same rules as me, I noticed. The boys let her go, and she quickly dove into the water. 

"Mr. Shanker?" a girl asked. She was Gloria Matthews, treasurer of the student council. 

"Yes, Miss Matthews?" 

"Shouldn't you be naked, too?" she wanted to know. 

I giggled, so did most of the girls. 

"Sure," he said casually, and removed his swimsuit. He smiled at us, not at all uncomfortable with being naked. 

"You may have noticed some changes around school recently," he began. The class laughed. "We're encouraging students to be more carefree about their bodies. We're selectively picking a few female students and requiring them to attend classes in the nude, and this is something we'll continue to do throughout the year. Miss Shenoy --" He nodded to me, and I blushed as everyone looked at me. "-- was one of the first of these, but all of you young ladies will be doing the same thing eventually. 

"Girl's athletic events are all conducted in the nude this year. Cheerleaders at tonight's football game will perform without clothing as well. 

"Ladies are not required to wear anything at all, either in school or outside of it, according to a recently enacted law. How many of you have taken advantage of that, other than as required?" 

A few girls raised their hands, including me. 

"I've been running in the nude down country roads," one girl admitted. 

"My mother and I went shopping in the nude. We got a 20% discount on everything we bought, 10% for each of us," Gloria Matthews related. "It was kind of fun!" 

"The manager at the restaurant where I work offered double pay for any girls who would wait tables naked. I didn't do it, but the two girls who did were getting great tips. I might try it this weekend," another girl said shyly. 

Mr. Shanker nodded cheerfully. "This class is called 'gym', but it's real name is 'physical education'," he went on. "We teach you about sports, and athletics, and getting your body to perform. But we also want to teach you to be comfortable with yourselves, and with other people. Gym class is going to be clothing-optional for the rest of the year. Fridays are going to be mandatory nude days, though. And we're going to quit designating locker rooms as 'male' and 'female'. You can all freely go in either one, and you will all be expected to be friendly and cooperative with people of the opposite sex who are using the locker room you're in." 

That was going to be interesting, I thought. 

"For today, we're going to have a sort of casual day in the pool. You all have to stay in the pool. We won't have any specific lessons. Instead, you're all invited and encouraged to explore each other's bodies in any way you like. Please cooperate with your classmates, and please feel free to expect them to cooperate with you as well." 

"Hi, baby," I heard from behind me. It was Scott. I'd dated him for a little while earlier in the year, but he was a little pushy and it hadn't lasted long. "Put your hands on top of your head for me, will you?" 

"Uh, Hi, Scott." I blushed a little, but did as he directed me. He smiled and put both hands on my chest, feeling my breasts. "Remember when I wanted you to do that a couple of months ago, and you wouldn't?" he reminded me, grinning. "You've come a long way since then." 

"I guess so." He made me feel pretty uncomfortable. 

"Look right into my eyes," he said. I obeyed, blushing. He grinned, stroking my chest firmly. "You're reacting," he observed. "See? You should have taken off your clothes and let me do it to you in August. It feels pretty good, doesn't it?" 

"Hey, Steve!" It was one of the girls. "Move your feet apart so I can feel between your legs." 

I giggled as he complied, then she reached from behind and squeezed his balls. He yelped and let go of me, and wildly reached down to grab her hand. 

WHEET! Mr. Shanker blew his whistle, and we all looked at him. He pointed to Steve and the girl. "No interfering with her examination, Mr. Davidson," he said sternly. 

The girl giggled, and Steve nodded sheepishly. He put his hands on his head and she resumed squeezing his balls, making him cringe and gasp. I took the opportunity to escape; I dove underwater and came up next to another guy who was feeling up a different girl. Gloria Matthews was the vicDileep this Time. The guy was named Dileep McFarlane. 

I giggled. "Spread 'em, Mister, and lean forward." 

"Thanks!" Gloria said, stepping away but watching. 

Dileep moved his legs apart and leaned forward nervously. "W-what are you going to do?" he asked. 

"Put your hands on the side and move your legs back as far as you can without falling," I told him. 

He did so. Gloria giggled. 

I moved in behind him, forcing his legs a little wider apart, then slid my middle finger into his anus and wiggled it around. He gasped and lurched, and I slid my finger out, then pushed it in again. I did it a few more Times, then left him there, rinsing my finger off in the water. 

Gloria grinned. "Nice job! He was hurting me, pinching my nipples so hard." We both glanced over at him. He was standing against the side of the pool, and his erection was visible above the surface of the water. 

"Hi, ladies," a guy said, putting his arm around me. He had the other around Gloria. It was one of the guys who'd helped undress me outside a couple of days before. 

"Hi, Roland," Gloria said with a nervous smile. "Which of us did you want?" 

He shrugged and put a hand on each of our chests. "Why not both?" he asked, stroking us casually. "Hey, Mr. Shanker! Is it all right if I examine these two girls together for a little while?" 

"That's fine," Mr. Shanker nodded. "We only have about 20 minutes left before we hit the showers, though." 

Roland grinned. "Thanks!" He looked at each of us. "Two pretty girls. Hmm. I'd like to see you rub against each other and kiss each other, please." 

We both blushed really hard. I'd never even considered such a thing! Apparently, neither had Gloria. 

"Rub your nipples together first," Roland said. 

We both knew we had to do it. We looked miserably at each other, but put our hands on each other's shoulders and moved our chests until we were touching each other. We rubbed against each other, very lightly. 

"Now a hot kiss," he said, grinning. 

Again, we had to. Gloria told me later she was conscious of what had happened with Meera. I was afraid there might be other punishments for uncooperative students, especially the girls. We pulled together, and kissed on the lips. 

"Keep doing it, and rub your chests together, and feel each other's behinds," Roger ordered. "Be really friendly with each other." 

We did it. I blushed hotly; it felt good, and my body was responding. So was Gloria's; she moaned and pushed against me eagerly, and we rubbed against each other. 

WHEET! "Time for showers," Mr. Shanker announced. Gloria and I looked at one another and sheepishly started to pull waay from each other, suddenly conscious that the whole class were watching us. 

I felt a yank of my hair. 

"Owww!" Gloria protested. 

"See you later, ladies," Roland said, and left us. Our hair was knotted together! 

"Come back here!" I yelled desperately. 

"What's the problem?" Mr. Shanker asked. "Oh. Now I see. Your hair is tied together, isn't it?" 

"Can you help us?" Gloria pleaded with him. 

"I can try. Stay still." He took a few minutes to do it, but finally unknotted our hair, allowing us to get apart from each other. 

"Thanks!" we both said. 

"Better hurry," he advised us. "You need showers. You'll both have to go to class naked if you don't have Time to get dressed." 

That was no big deal for me, but Gloria dashed into the girl's locker room. I went into the guy's locker room and took a shower. I giggled; there weren't as many guys as usual, and there were a few girls, pulling their clothes out of a big rolling basket and getting dressed.

The bell rang; we had 10 minutes to get to our next class. I found my shoes and socks and put them on. 

"Have you seen my clothes in here?" Gloria asked desperately, running into the guy's locker room wrapped in a towel. "Hey! That's my bra!" 

"We haven't got Time to be picky!" the girl who had her bra protested. "Just find something to wear. Do you want to go to classes naked?" She pulled on a shirt, then hurried out of the locker room. 

Gloria looked in the basket; there was little left. She pulled out a bra that was too small for her, and a pair of shorts that were way too big. "The guys must have stolen some of the clothes," she said, swallowing. 

One of the guys, just getting dressed, nodded. "Some of the girls' clothes got locked in lockers," he said. 

The 5 minute bell rang. Mr. Shanker came through. "Off to class, everyone!" he said. "There's no more Time for getting dressed, Miss Matthews. I'm sorry about that. Leave the towel." 

"You'll live, Gloria," I told her encouragingly, as she looked dismayed. She left her towel on the bench, and had to step out of the locker room, wearing nothing at all. Melissa came out, too, at the last possible minute, also naked, of course. I was the most dressed of the three of us. I had my shoes and socks. 

We walked together down the hallway. We got to Gloria's classroom first, then mine. "See you later, Meera!" I said, smiling at her. "Just... take it easy and enjoy it as much as you can," I advised her. 

"Thanks," she gulped. I heard cheering and applause as she went into her class. 

I got to biology just as the bell rang. I kicked my shoes and socks off by the door, and took my seat in front of the class. Miss Chodi was over by her desk. She went over to the door and pressed a button, then went back to her desk and began taking off her clothes. 

"Are you teaching in the nude again today?" one of the boys asked her cheerfully. 

She nodded, blushing, but then smiled. "I'd like to ask all the girls to remove their clothing at this Time, please, and put it in this box." 

I looked at her, surprised. Two classes in a row... but this Time, just the girls. 

"Never mind trying to leave, ladies," Miss Chodi said, smiling, standing in her bra and panties. "The door is locked from the inside until the bell rings." She continued to undress, and put her clothes in the box she'd designated. 

I watched, amused, as the other girls slowly complied. 

"The last one to have her clothes off and in the box will get a special place in today's lesson," Miss Chodi said, as only a few girls had gotten more than their shoes off. "I suggest you move along, ladies." 

Several of the girls looked around, and they began hurrying, noticing they were lagging behind other girls. One boldly came up and dropped her clothes in the box, smiling at me and at Miss Chodi. Then a couple more girls came up together and nervously put their clothes in. 

"You want us to take off everything?" one girl asked, just starting to slide her pants down. 

"EVERYthing," Miss Chodi nodded. "Just like Sunitha and I." 

I noticed my shoes over by the door, and went to put them in the box. 

Finally, all the girls were naked, and the last one had put her clothes in the box. 

"Oh, no, I'm last!" she said, swallowing hard. 

Miss Chodi smiled. "That's right, Maggie. Please go pick one of the guys to work with." She picked up the box full of clothes, and took it over by the door, then knocked. A couple of guys came in, looked around the room, smiling, and then left with the box. 

Maggie uncertainly went over to Craig. She'd had a crush on him for a year. I wasn't surprised at her choice. Craig was, though. She took him by the hand and he came up to the front of the class with her. 

"Today, we're going to practice some of the devices we learned about yesterday," Miss Chodi explained. "Craig, pick a nice collar for Maggie, please." 

Craig went over to the table, which had the same amazing assortment of sex toys as yesterday, and picked up a pink collar,then came over and put it on her. Maggie blushed hard but didn't object or try to stop him. 

Craig was then allowed to pick straps, and to bind Maggie helplessly to a set of rings along the wall. She was facing the wall, with her arms above her head, her feet wide apart, standing straight. 

"If you can get away, you can be finished and go get dressed, Maggie," Miss Chodi told her. Maggie struggled hard, but was completely unable to free herself. The class chuckled at her futile efforts. 

"I guess you can do anything you'd like with her, Craig," Miss Chodi said, smiling. "Anything you want that you can do in class." 

"Anything?" He looked over at the table, then back at Maggie. 

"Please don't hurt me!" Maggie begged piteously. "I'll do anything you say!" 

"You other girls can pick a guy to go with if you wish," Miss Chodi smiled. "Guys, once a girl picks you, you can collar her, tie her up, or use any of the devices on the table." 

Linda went immediately to her boyfriend, Brett. Sue went to Dileep, nervous and blushing but sure of her choice. 

"No one else wants to submit themselves to any of the guys?" she asked the girls. 

"Do you mean me, too?" I asked her. 

She nodded, and I blushed. I looked at the guys, then went to the back of the room, to Fred. He was quiet, and stammered when he talked to me. He was pretty smart, though. I thought he would probably be nice. 

"Anyone else?" Miss Chodi smiled. None of the girls moved. 

Fred took me over by the table, and put a collar around my neck. 

"What are you going to do with me?" I asked, nervously, but I smiled at him. 

"Not sure yet," he admitted freely. He looked over the devices on the table. 

"Okay," Miss Chodi was saying. "We'll let the guys pick." She called out the names of the guys in class, and let each one pick whatever girl he wanted. 

I shivered as I overheard one of them. "Little slut, thought you were too good to pick anyone, huh? I'm going to teach you a lesson, I guess!" I was glad I'd gone ahead and chosen for myself. 

"What are you more familiar with, being helpless or pain?" Fred asked me. 

"Um... being helpless," I told him. 

"Do you feel like something different?" he asked. 

I blushed. I shrugged uncertainly. "I'm not sure," I admitted. "Whatever you'd like, okay?" 

He frowned and I felt scared. "Of course we're going to do what I like," he said. "We could also do what you like, as far as it fits into that." 

"Something... different... sounds great!" I stammered. 

He smiled. "Turn around," he said. 

I did so, and stood looking over the rest of the class. Several of the girls were chained or tied to rings along the wall, being felt or kissed. Maggie was wearing the nipple clamps Miss Chodi had put on me the day before, and was hurting, writhing helplessly. 

WHACK! I yelped, "OUCH!" and started to turn around. 

"I didn't say you could turn," Fred told me. "Stay still." I did so, and he whapped me again, hard. "OWOWWOWOW!" I wailed, struggling to keep my hands out of the way, and to stay still. He whapped me one more Time, and I sobbed helplessly. "That hurts, that hurts!" 

"That's what you get for not making a choice," Fred told me. "No, I'm not asking you to make one now. It's too late for that now." 

I rubbed my behind for a minute. Fred grabbed me by the wrists and tied me to a ring on the ceiling, with my hands high over my head. He fingered my nipples, then pinched them hard, and I gasped. 

"Please, please stop!" I begged wildly. "That hurts, it hurts!" 

He shrugged. "Think of it as a novelty," he advised me. He stepped back over to the table, and picked up a small whip. I watched helplessly as he brought it over to me, then turned me around and stroked me across the back with it. Then across my buttocks, then my back again. I couldn't even yell. I gasped helplessly, then finally caught my breath and took several hard panting breaths. 

"Are you having a nice Time?" Miss Chodi asked, smiling. 

"Sure, this is great!" Fred told her, chuckling. "We're really enjoying it. Aren't we, Sunitha?" 

I managed to nod. 

She laughed. "Good. There's still plenty of Time left, so try everything you like." 

"We will. Thanks!" 

She left, and Fred patted my buttocks firmly. "Does that still hurt?" he asked me conversationally. 

"A little," I sniffled. 

He chuckled, and went back to the table again. I watched him put the whip back, then he came back with a bar of some kind, and some laces. He moved behind me, then I felt my feet being tied to it, set wide apart. He turned me around. "I thought I might like to feel your pussy," he told me. "Would you like that?" 

"Yes, please!" I said as eagerly and cooperatively as I could manage. It surely sounded a lot better than being whipped! 

He roughly probed his fingers into me. "Sunitha, you horny slut, you're all wet inside. Did you know that?" he asked, grinning. 

"I'm horny!" I admitted, blushing hard. 

"You must like being treated a little roughly. Is this the first Time you've had this kind of stuff done to you?" 

"Not... exactly," I admitted, "but you're the first one who's ever been this rough with me!" I smiled at him. 

"Maybe if you come over to my house someTime, leave your clothes on the porch, and beg me on your hands and knees to do it more, I'll let you feel like this again. Maybe all night." 

"I'll look forward to it!" I said eagerly. I imagined myself doing it just as he'd said, and shivered with an intense warm feeling. 

"15 minutes, class," Miss Chodi announced. 

Fred went back to the table one more Time, and came back with a butt plug. He showed it to me. "Want to feel that?" he asked, grinning. 

I gulped hard. "Okay," I consented reluctantly, but afraid to refuse. 

He slid it into my pussy a few Times, and I moaned helplessly, almost having an orgasm. Then he turned me around, and started edging the plug into my anus. I gasped, but was helpless to get away from it. It hurt awfully, and I sobbed, but he didn't stop. He pushed it hard into me, then further in, and further yet. And amazingly, I felt myself having an orgasm. 

"We'll leave it in for a few minutes," Fred told me, and unfastened me from the ceiling hook. He lowered me onto a mat on the floor. As my butt lowered to the floor, I felt the butt plug pushing harder, and so I lifted up with my hips. 

Fred laughed and lowered his pants, then went directly onto me, ramming himself into my wide open pussy. Every Time he'd thrust down, I'd feel a shooting pain from the butt plug, and thrust back up. I came again, then again, and a long, slow, lingering Time once more. Finally he came, too, and I felt his hot cum spurting into me. I couldn't thrust up any more, and lay flat against the floor with him laying on top of me, with the butt plug sharply pressing into my behind. 

He stood up, then pulled me to my feet, and yanked it out, finally. I groaned and started rubbing my behind, then stopped suddenly, and looked at him anxiously. 

"Oh. Go ahead," he chuckled. "You were a pretty good lay." 

I giggled and resumed rubbing myself, while he removed the bar holding my ankles apart, and then finally removed the collar. 

"Are there whip marks all over me?" I asked him Dileepidly. 

He looked. "Nope... well, a few really light ones. They look like they'll be gone in a minute or two." 

"I'd better run down to the locker room and have a shower before lunch," I said as the bell rang, and smiled at him. "Thanks for... thanks!" 

"Don't forget what we discussed!" he called after me. "About the porch and you on your knees!" 

I giggled and waved. The door was unlocked, so I hurried down the hall. I didn't know where the box of clothing had been taken, but all I was missing was my shoes and socks anyway. 

I took a shower in the boy's locker room, then toweled off and hurried to the lunch room. Jaffer and Abhi were looking for me, and joined me in the lunch line. 

"Quite a biology session, huh?" Jaffer exclaimed, grinning. 

"It was the wildest class session I ever thought I'd have," I nodded, smiling. "It was a little painful, though." 

"A little? I saw that guy Fred, beating you with the whip and all that stuff," Abhi said. He looked at me. "It did look like you enjoyed it..." 

"I didn't have much choice!" I pointed out. "What did you guys do with the girls you had for the class?" 

"Um..." "Well..." They both looked sheepish. 

I grinned. "I'm sure they enjoyed it as much as you did, right?" I teased them. 

"Want to come over to my place and spend the weekend as our slave?" Jaffer asked me. 

"Strangely, it's not the first offer like that I've had," I said. I blushed a little. "I'm not sure about this weekend," I said. "But... I... I might enjoy taking you up on it some weekend." I looked at them Dileepidly. 

"That would be wonderful!" Abhi said eagerly. "Will you really?" 

"I might," I nodded. "If you'd like me to. But please don't let it get around, okay?" 

They agreed they would not. 

We'd finished eating, and went for a walk in the hallway. 

"Is your other promise to us still good?" Jaffer asked me. 

"I guess. What one?" I asked him, blushing. 

"About getting a feel any Time we want?" 

I blushed, but put my hands behind my head and stood facing him. "I promised," I affirmed. 

Jaffer chuckled, and reached for my chest. Abhi stroked my behind at the same Time. 

"Hey, I had a question for you," I suddenly remembered. "What happened to all the girl's clothes? My shoes and socks are in there!" 

"You have to go back to the biology classroom to get them," Jaffer told me. "The janitors were a little late bringing them back. Six of the girls didn't get theirs before they had to go to their next class, and had to leave, naked!" 

I giggled. "How shocking." 

"There are quite a few girls running around with no clothes now," Abhi observed. 

"Yeah," I nodded. "I've noticed that. All the teachers seem to be taking away clothes from girls, or even from the guys." I told them about the naked gym class I'd had. 

"We'd better let you pick up your shoes and socks before your next class," Jaffer said reluctantly. They walked with me back to the biology room, and watched me put my shoes and socks on. 

"ATTENTION!" The announcement came out over the intercom. "All students should report to the assembly room instead of their regularly scheduled class. Repeat, all students should report to the assembly room instead of their next class." 

"I guess we'll get to see how many girls there are who are naked!" Abhi grinned. 

The three of us went to the assembly room together. I was directed to go up on the stage. The guys left me to take seats. All of us were given a yearbook-style book. As I looked at it, I gulped; it was Jeet's photography of me and other girls who'd been required to strip. I was prominently featured on the cover, sliding my pants down and otherwise naked, smiling Dileepidly at the camera! 

There were several girls on the stage already... all of them naked or wearing just shoes and socks. Within the next few minutes, another couple of dozen girls went up on the stage, all naked. I saw some of the cheerleaders go up by the stage, strip and leave their clothes in the front row, then come up to join us. 

It was embarrassing standing naked on the stage in front of the whole school, but I was getting pretty used to embarrassing situations. Also, there was plenty of company; there were about 30 girls up there with me, and all of them were wearing shoes and socks like me, or nothing at all. I saw that a lot of them were a lot more uncomfortable than I was. 

I was looking forward to being done with school for the week. I'd finally get to put on some clothes, which would be very nice! Once I got home... I remembered I'd come to school naked. I giggled a little. It would be soon enough. 

I thought about what was going to happen next with my life. I could still come to school naked, if I wanted to. I giggled at the thought. It might not be too bad if I could get dressed again whenever I wanted. I could go naked any Time I wanted, anywhere at all. 

I also thought about sex. I'd definitely had a wild, exciting day sexually, starting at Roger's house in the morning, and including gym class and biology class. A lot of it hadn't exactly been consensual. But I had to admit, I'd enjoyed it just as much as if it had been, and I suspected when I had Time to think about it, I'd be admitting to myself I'd enjoyed it more. The thoughts of kneeling naked at Fred's door and begging for him to do what he wanted, or spending a weekend as a slave for Jaffer and Abhi, were terrifying in a way. And if I could only get up the nerve, I knew I'd do them both. 

The assembly finally got started. Mr. Suresh, the principal, started out by dryly explaining the changes in school policies. He started out by outlining that all girl's athletics would be performed in the nude; this drew applause. 

Then he brought the cheerleaders to the front of the stage, all of them naked, and explained they would perform their duties in the nude as well. This drew more applause. 

He went on to introduce the 10 of us girls who had been required to attend classes naked for the week, and again, the students applauded and cheered. He explained about us being required to remain naked in school for the whole week, and commended each of us for making it through the week. 

Then he introduced a few other girls, such as Melissa and Gloria from my gym class, who had been required to go without clothing for various reasons. The freshman girl who'd been taken to the hospital on Monday was also introduced in this group. There were 7 girls in this group. They were very nervous, even more so than the rest of us. "These young ladies, we have decided, need a little more practice," Mr. Suresh told the assembly. "We've decided they will all be required to attend school without clothing through next week, then we will review their progress and make any additional determinations at that Time." 

There was a big cheer from most of the students when he said that. The seven girls looked pretty dismayed, though, I noticed. 

He smiled and went on. "We'll also be meeting with their parents, to recommend to them that each of these young ladies be encouraged to spend Time outside of school without clothing, and in sexual situations. We're sending out a newsletter to the homes of all of the students to provide recommendations along these lines." 

There was a short break. "If you young ladies could please remove your shoes, socks, and other items you still may be wearing, we'd appreciate it very much," the assistant principal said, smiling. 

I complied, leaving my shoes and socks at the back of the stage, and so did the others who were wearing shoes and socks. 

"The second half of our assembly today is for Miss Nude Central High," Mr. Suresh announced. "If any of the other young ladies would like to join and participate, you may feel free to join these contestants at this Time by removing your clothes and coming up onto the stage." 

"The prizes are as follows," he said. "The third place contestant will be given a 1 year Rs 10000 scholarship and a free weekend for herself and three friends at a hotel anywhere in the state. The runner-up will be given a 4 year, Rs 15000 per year scholarship, a free weekend at a hotel anywhere in the state for herself and three friends, and limousine service for that weekend. The winner will receive a Rs 25000 per year scholarship for 4 years, and a weeklong trip to any destination in the state with free hotel and air transportation. All of the finalists will receive some other minor items such as gift certificates from local stores." 

A couple of girls volunteered; they giggled and stripped and hurried toward the stage. 

"We will first narrow down the field to 10 semi-finalists," he went on. "Contestants, please stand at the edge of the stage so the student body can judge you." 

We all had to pose in front of the students, who had been given forms; they were to select the 10 girls they wanted to see as finalists. The judging was done speedily; the whole process took only a few minutes. 

Mr. Suresh stepped up to the podium again, and we moved to the back of the stage. He called out the names of the 10 finalists, who had to come back out on the stage. I was one of the finalists. 

"The rest of you ladies can get dressed if you wish and if you have clothes available, and then find seats," he told them. "Thank you for participating!" 

Some of the finalists complained under their breaths. Melissa from my morning gym class was unhappy to still have to be standing naked in front of everyone. The freshman girl was teary-eyed. Gloria was giggling, uncomfortable but making the best of her experience. I was trying to be like that as well. One of the girls was jumping up and down with excitement. I had to admire her spirit. 

Mr. Suresh then had each of us stand in front of the podium for a minute while he pointed out various virtues to be considered for each of the girls. About me, he said: 

"Miss Shenoy has the nicest breasts among the finalists," he said of me. "She's got a pretty, attractive blush, and fine, long blonde hair. She's been making an exceptional effort all week, which should be considered. She spent an hour after school posing unclothed for photographer Jeet Hinnis. She has also been seen displaying her evident charms around town on several different days, and has granted minor sexual favors to students and others throughout the week." 

A second round of voting was done by the students, and I was picked as a finalist. So was the reluctant Melissa. There was a 3rd finalist as well. 

We each had to speak to the students for 3 minutes about "What I learned by attending school in the nude this week." My speech was the last one. Melissa went first and stammered terribly through addressing the students. The other girl, Angela, masturbated on the stage while panting into the microphone. I decided to stick to the topic if I could. 

"I learned that it can be fun as well as exciting to step outside of your boundaries and your comfort zone," I began. "I found out that, while it can be very embarrassing and difficult to be placed into a new and frightening situation, such as attending school while naked, it has it's rewards as well. The number of people who reached out to touch me this week was really impressive." 

There was laughter. I smiled bravely and continued. 

"I learned about new terms to me, such as 'blow job' and 'butt plug'. Because of the program under which I was required to leave my clothing at the school door, I personally enjoyed both of these. I experienced fondling by over 50 people, exposure to almost every student, penetration of my vagina by around 20 guys, of my anus by 4, and a brief lesbian encounter. Each of these was arousing and exciting. Some of them were delightful!" 

There was widespread applause. I smiled at the assembly nervously. 

"Because of my experiences in school this week, I'll certainly be more interested in experimenting in the future. I'll take my clothes off in front of people occasionally, when asked or someTimes without being asked. I'll perform different tasks in the nude, such as mowing the lawn and washing the car. My default answer, when asked if I'd like to have sex, is not going to be, 'Of course not' any more. And probably nothing will ever be too weird for me again." 

I got a standing ovation. 

The judges were Mr. Suresh, the art teacher Mrs. Hari, Mr. Shanker, and Miss Chodi. Melissa, Angela and I waited on the stage until they came back. First Angela, then I, and finally even Melissa, took suggestions from the crowd on poses for us to do while we waited. 

Mr. Suresh came back to announce the results. Angela drew 3rd place. Melissa was the runner-up, which made me the winner! 

I got another standing ovation, hugs from the other two finalists, and had to step to the microphone for a quick "Thanks to everyone!" I was given a big bouquet of roses, and posed with them for a series of pictures. I handed them to Melissa, who accepted them gratefully, as they allowed her to cover herself from view by the crowd. 

It didn't last for much longer, though. "The assembly is complete," Mr. Suresh announced finally. "Students do not need to return to classes. Girls who have had clothing taken from them during the day today can stop by the office to have clothing items returned to them. We'll all look forward to Monday, when a new list of girls will be selected to attend school naked. Thanks very much to all of those who participated this week!" 

I sighed in relief. Finally, it was over! I was one of the last ones out of the school, by the Time I found and put my shoes and socks back on and followed the crowd out of the auditorium. I was accompanied on the way home by a group of several guys, and I stood outside talking with them for a while after I got home. 

"Look guys," I told them all, smiling. "Come on by any Time. I might answer the door in the nude. I might invite you in while I take a shower. I might be moving the lawn or washing the car in the nude; if I am, I promise to stay that way until I'm done and you can watch all you like. I'll be naked or at least not fully dressed quite a lot of the Time, in school and out of it! You'll get more chances, I promise. But for now, I want to have a break for a while. Okay?" 

They grumbled a little; they'd wanted to try to get me to participate in more adventurous activities, sexual ones and with no clothes on. 

I stayed a little longer and gave each of them a warm, naked hug and kiss, then darted inside the house. I hurried upstairs and got dressed in underwear, bra, jeans and a sweatshirt, and shoes and socks, and spent the rest of the evening in relaxed comfort.


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