Anushka Shetty Sex Stories

I sat on my bed with my legs stretched thinking about my dream girl.Sure my cock took a launch.With the air conditioner blowing cool air on me,my hair moved in it's direction.The dream girl was none other than anushka.These erotic conditions made my mind think of her.With the most attracting eyes ,seductive naval,charming smile and with hot looks,anushka tormented me often in my fantasies.With a great height and perfect body structure,i just longed for her walk.The way she moves her naval and teases men gave my cock a sheering force.Her steamy looks pushed my cock to the edge of the boxers always.I allowed my mind to explore her.Her thighs along with those slender legs grabs the attention of my eyes always.I always loved that pink lips along with the dark eyes and eyebrow.Her big boobs make my mouth water everytime.I loved the way she would smile with those lips making a small cute mark around her mouth.

Just as i began to instill each of her assets into my body,i felt something so pleasurable in my crotch.I looked down with a wet lip.I saw long fingers encircling my cock.I moaned loudly and looked back.I saw someone with her hair covering half her face and her lips looked pink even without a lip stick.I moved her hair and was shocked to see my dream girl,Anushka.No wonder my cock got launched the moment i came to know that it was her.Her fingers did magic around my cock.My cock made a tent in my boxers.Her eyes looked so sharp and seductive pulling me into her world.She leaned up.I leaned down to receive her lips into mine.I moaned loudly as her fingers made long strokes on my cock.I looked at the heavens.But she pulled me closer with her other hand and came closer to my lips.My eyes were attracted so much by her sharp seductive eyes.I moved down a little.Her lips touched mine giving me a heavenly feeling,creating in me a sexual emotion to proceed further.She pushed her lips into mine as i accepted it without any difficulty.We were so patient as if we were in a time chamber.One at a time,we exchanged slow beautiful kisses.She rubbed my nose with hers cutely continuing the kiss she started.

I could know from her looks that she wanted to feel the hard flesh of my cock.She moved her hands up and caressed my head as she kissed my lips continuously.I then undid my jeans while working with her sugar lips.I then felt her long hair and hugged her.We exchanged out short kisses slowly,as she ran her fingers into my boxers and touched my real meat."AHH" i moaned with my lips rubbing hers.She gave me a sexy smile and kissed me again.This time along with jerking my rock hard cock.I felt the pleasure of her lips.She pushed her lips inside.She made me excited.I became passionate.I just ran my fingers into her hair and started to give some passionate kisses.She left the control she had over me and jerked my cock even more seductively.With my hands encircling her head and her tongue getting into my mouth,i let my tongue play with hers.She made me go crazy as she swirled her tongue into mine.My cock looked in great shape as she kept on jerking my cock with her long fingers.

Feeling each others pleasure,we kissed each other passionately.She then pushed me down on the bed and kept kissing me with her stunning lips.I pushed her closer and kissed her with my hearts filled with passion.Her hands waved magic over my cock as i moaned inside her.She then got away from me and went down kissing my chest.She was too quick that i did not notice her.She kissed my cock with her wet lips and took it inside her.I yelled loudly as i felt her tongue tickling my cock head.She looked at me with that horny eyes of hers.With my cock in her mouth,she gave me the pleasure of my life.I ran my fingers over her hair and pushed her into my cock.My cock circled inside her mouth hitting her throat.Her lips squeezed my cock into her creating in me an ultimate beast to be unleashed.She moved her head to and fro making my cock to feel her tongue and throat alternately.Her fingers grabbed my balls and juggled it.Her saliva ran down my hungry cock and leaked over the bed.Sure i exploded some cum into her mouth.She then came fully down on my cock and took it all inside giving me unbearable pleaure as i shooted my cum in her mouth in loads.Her chin was touching my balls as i slowly moved my cock inside her mouth licking the circumference of her throat with my cock head.My waist kept circling to move my cock inside her mouth still feeling the pleasure even after cumming.She finally took her mouth away.Her mouth filled with my cum and her pink lips looked white with my cum.Wow,she looked so slutty.Meanwhile, my cock was a mixture of both my cum and her saliva giving me a wet feeling.

I pulled her up and kissed her cummy lips and tasted her saliva along with my cum.She pushed her lips in me and tasted my saliva.We both began to explore our mouth passionately.I removed her black bra while kissing her.She then pushed me down into her breasts.My nose hit her cleavage.Both her breasts surrounded my nose.I began to kiss her breasts alternatively not knowing which one to kiss.Both her breasts looked simple but were sure great to handle with.My hands hugged her waist and i made her sat on my lap.I kept kissing her breasts and bit it sometimes.Then with my hands feeling the tenderness and slimness of her naval,i licked her nipples.She moaned seductively and bit my shoulders."HMM" she moaned feeling my lips slap her nipple and my finger caressing her other hard nipple."I like this so much,AHH" she moaned in extreme pleasure.Her ass was rubbing against my cock making it even more harder.I kissed her neck while playing with her nipples with my fingers.I kissed her shoulders then her arm pits and then her breasts and everywhere.I totally got lost into her seductive body.Her ass kept rubbing my cock giving me more pleasure.She then pushed me down again on the bed and kissed my chin.She then removed my shirt and kissed my bare chest.She began to play with my nipples as i started at her forehead and kissed it.Her hair soon came over my eyes obstructing my vision.I slid it down to see her beautiful lips work on my tender nipples.I felt something wet on both my nipples.The feeling of her nipples rubbing my belly and her lips working on my belly gave me immense pleasure as i closed my eyes.I pushed her down and got over her.My lips traced down to her naval from her breasts.I was stunned looking at her seductive long naval.My fingers kept rubbing over her naval not knowing what to do.She smiled at my status.She pushed me into her sexy naval as my nose hit her belly.My hands kept caressing her sides while my lips worked around her belly.

Soon,i slid my fingers into her mesmerizing pussy and started to finger her.She held my head and pushed her pussy against me.I licked her pussy outline and teased her.I licked her outer labia and smelt her cum.She went wild moaning as loud as possible and pushing me into her widening pussy.My tongue incidentally licked her clitoris a couple of times.Soon she came down on me.I received the cum with my tongue out and mouth open.Her waist moved in circles as she kept releasing her cum into me.I then chewed her pussy lips between my lips slowly tasting her remaining cum.

"AHH,i want you there." she said and pulled me up.I kissed her lips while pushing my cock into her wet pussy.We started it slowly.Her fingers caressing my nipples,mine caressing her hair,we both kissed again.Then,I pushed my cock a little bit faster and started to fuck her."HAAAH" she moaned as my cock hit her pussy wall.I felt my cock going even further down.Her pussy lips seized my cock as i locked my eyes with hers.We both moaned and kissed passionately.My ass moved zig zag pushing my cock deep into her and again returning back.Meanwhile,her hip moved up and down trying to match each of my strokes.With increasing passion,i started to fuck her fast with my cock making quick movements in and off her pussy.

"AHHHH,I'm gonna cum!!" she moaned but i did not want to lose my opportunity.I kept on fucking her until my cum burst out to my satisfaction.Finally,after shooting all my cum,i opened my eyes.I saw no one in the bed but a pillow was there between my legs."May be an inception," i thought.



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