A hot day with samantha

Samantha the rising star in south film industry has already charmed the hearts of many.Her fans clubs in southern parts of India started to rise steeply.Even some have been in northern sides too.Her lusty face and astonishing body would drive everyone crazy.One fine day samantha was invited to her fansclub meeting where several fansclub leaders nearly ten were organised to the development of the fansclub.It was a hot day in the summer where the sun scrotches everyone out there.There were no a.c or even fans are available in order to show the pathetic condition of the fansclub,so that samantha would donate some money.Everything was arranged and the clock strucks 11 in the morning,there comes samantha teasing everyone with a warm smile.She wore a blue saree and a matching blouse which already showing a hint of cleavage.Samantha was seated and as the welcome speech follows.She looks around the place which was damp and hot.She noticed even there were no fans too.As the speech progress everyone around there

started sweating including samantha.She constantly wiping her sweat from her forehead and neck with her hand kercheif.After some time she throws it away as it was drenched.Her thin transparent saree sticked to her sweaty body which reveals her navel and blouse clearly.Samantha watches her fans now as they staring at her body widly regreting the speech.She wanted to keep her fans alive and never leave her fansbase drop out.So she stood up and went near the microphone and said "excuse me sir,just a minute" to the one who is speaking.Samantha explored to everyone"hello everyone,its really hot here and i am sweating like hell..so if you all agree means i would like to remove my saree and kept it aside for a while".Are us in heaven thought everyone there and said "we are your fans,we will agree whatever you do" one of them.Samantha throws a smile and undressed her saree before everyone and revealed her hot and sweaty cleavage.The blouse which is stiff holding two full tankers.Her navel was shapy with sweat droplets all over.Samantha knows that was a move that really a chance to increase her fan base.She went to her seating back.

Now everyone stared like a hungry dogs.A sense of bulge aroused in everyone`s pant.Samantha wants to tease everyone badly.She too had a thought of tasting their sweaty bodies madly.Samantha slowly adjusts her blouse as that it shows bra strap.One man sitting beneath in the second row unzipped his pants and took his cock out.He holds that of his hands and started shagging seeing samantha sweaty looks and body.He kept murmurring "wanna taste you slut,....mmmm like to fuck you hard chick".But suddenly he couldn`t control it so he rosed from his place and samantha and others was shocked to see his cock.He quickly ran and climbed the stage and caught samantha`s hair.Samantha rosed up due to his action of pulling her hair.He lifts her skirt and dropped her wet panties in a hurry and struked his cock straight to her itching cunt.Samantha doesnt know what to do.She doesn`t seems to be opposing him.She is watching his eyes as he thrusts his cock in.Suddenly her breasts seemed to be felt free,the speaker was unhooking the blouse from behind.Samantha thought want would be the guys seated below would think her and turned her face.Oh my god,they are all already stripped.As she watches everyone`s cock,her blouse was flowing in the air,the same time the one who is fucking her pussy placed a kiss into her mouth.Now samantha was being fucked which is under her skirt and one is fondling her boobs and started to unhook her bra.While others started climbing the stage.Samantha was undressed completely including her bra and skirt.Samantha now only wores a dress of sweat all over her body.Hands gets started massaging over the bitch.The man fucking her pussy increased his pace, as samantha moans out and leans back on the other.One man sucks all her sweat from her neck,one playing with her left boob and right to the other.The man who undid her bra is positioning himself to her asshole.As far now five men enjoying her

seductive body.There has been a place of sweat and moans.Samantha was now taking two cocks and moans"hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmnnnn fuck fuck.....sss ssss fuck".The other five was masturbating hardly waiting for the next round.The two men was going in equal pace and Samantha breasts was fondled badly.One smooching a hard kiss to her lips.Samantha doesn`t know which one to react.But surely in deep sense of pleasure "mmmmmmnnnn....ssss fuckkkkkk me bad...ahhhhhh".After some time her pussy created croaking sound as lots of cum being revolved,the cock which is in her asshole is going free by now.Both her sweaty boobs has turned red due to their mischevious actions.Her forehead and neck showed an oiled look due to extra sweat,her lips was lost several times to the other and lots of saliva has been exchanged.The men who is fucking her holes seems to be slowing down.They shotted in her and took their cocks out.Samantha knelt down by that time but not free.Its time for the other three.One lied down and asked her to sit on his
cock,she did.While holded her sweaty and fleshy hips from behind and rammed his 9" incher into her asshole.Samantha"urrrgh...mmmmmmnnnnn".Then the one dropped his cock into her mouth during her moaning.All holes fixed up.The man in the back waste no time and went fast as his cock easily enters asshole."Thug thug thug...as his balls hits her ass".The man lying down squeesing her body and kept his cock partially in her pussy had slowly fucking her.The other man holded her head strong and moved it to and fro as his cock hits her throat."tup,tup,tup several slaps on her ass to move fast".

They throw her body in heavy sweat. The one in the back got his cock now fully in. Samantha mouth is secreting her own saliva and cum due to the cock in her mouth. She loved them so much,getting fucked by their sweaty and physique body is her dream come true. Samantha now configured herself to do anything for them. But the steamy sex isnt over still long way to go. Samantha's butt hole was taking severe punishment. Samantha' back glistens in sweat and there receives a whip shot from the rest to move with some urgency. The man in her mouth took his cock out and throws a cum shot on her face. Samantha was having a mixed emotions "yeah fuckkkkk meeeeeeeee bad,and you little bastard clean my sweaty face with your cum urggghh ahhhhh". Samantha was leaking sweat and cum juices all over from her face. Samantha gave a slap to the one who is working on her pussy to move in fast. He replied "made a mistake bitch" as said he thrust in fully as samantha opens her jaw out screaming "oh no its hugeeeeeeeee,no no pls". By the time the pace at her back too going up as she started to beg them to leave her.

Then its time for nomercy.they got their cocks fully in.Samantha couldnt gasp anymore.She opened her mouth wide open where one started to piss on her face.She never thought she could handle this much pain.Her eyes were now filled with tears.Samantha`s face has now got everything oil,sweat,tears,piss,cum...Samantha now start thinking "when they would leave her" by the time a huge load of cum was loaded at her ass.Samantha had crossed one now,but the man in her pussy kept keeping her in heavy pain.He slapped her now and said "want more inside bitch..."..Samantha "nooooo plssss...its paining..ahhhhhhahahhhhhh".The man at her ass took his cock out and went near her face "want another ride bitch".Samantha "oh no...plss..".He then ordered "suck my cock u little sweaty slut".Samantha "yeahhhhh sureeee...slurp slurp...".Samantha knows now they are not going to leave her until she is fucked by all.She already finished 4 still 6 to go.

She now thought of finishing it fast,she holds her pain and started responding fastly to her pussy and gave a quick blowjob which leaked all on her neck.The man got tired and sat down.Now samantha was now concentrating on the man who is ramming her pussy for long time "yeahhh fucccccccckkkkkkkk thisssssss bitccccchh fuccccck kk ahhhh no fuckk"..but still the next gang waiting for their turn to come.Samantha thought they are already jerked and would take less time to finish them.Cock got loosen up in her pussy and samantha showed a wicked smile that she still holds him.Man felt humiliated and had his shot and stood up.Samantha was now on her knees and watching the five men who had taken her,they all laid tired on each corners.Samantha was breathing heavily and looked sweaty,oily,cum all over and a sense of pride over her that she crossed half way and she asked"hey bastards what are you waiting for...dont have energy to ram this bitch ahhh" on the other five with a wicked smile.One said"no bitch we are planning different"..Samantha teased "what to ran away bastards?accepting your defeat"....

One said "no way bitch...we going to fuck you different from them...".Samantha "oh fantastic boys..whats the idea".The man said"its time saving bitch.."Samantha interupted"lemme guess you all chickens gonna get a simple blowjob from me and ran away with your tired cocks right...its worth time saving.."with pride smile..Those men laughed and answered unanimously "going to insert two cocks in each of your dirty holes bitch".Samantha was stunned and said"WTF,,are you mad..no way..it will pain to the core and i wont allow it at any case.."One answered "we are not asking you permission bitch...we telling your painful destiny"..As they approached her further and further..Samantha"keep them telling noo...no pls ...i beg you..dont do that....pls..no..no"..


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