My Lecturer Wants To Get Pregnant - Part I

Hi I am Sam here and with another story between me and my college lecturer. As everyone knows currently I am in Bangalore and I reached Madurai around night 9:30 and waited for the bus to my home town.
It takes another 1 hour 30 min to reach my house in that bus stand I saw my lecturer Vasanthi who is also waiting for bus with another lady who is little older than her and I remembered her and she use to be casual and not rude to students.
She joined as lecturer after completing her B.E one year b4 I join in that college as student. She looks awesome little whitish color with strip her boobs and sexy ass and her size must be 34 or 30 with around 5.6 heights.
Now on seeing her and I realized she got married but still sexy with some added weight and there is no relation btw her and me till I completed my degree before 4.5 years
Now she must be nearly 30’s in age now 4 r 5 years elder than me. She also looked at me. I gave a smile and went near to her and asked can you remember me and I am one of your students and she immediately told my name and laughed.
That time bus came and I ran towards bus and took a seat nearly at the centre but got the left corner seat which accommodates three members. Window seat and next seat was occupied by one guy and one old man.
But they has not got seat to sit. I saw them standing behind me. After ten min they were near to me. She called her Akka means sister and asked her to move little forward.
She came exactly near to me which I can feel her smell even and I can touch her when bus jerks. The bus was tightly packed with people and she holds a support vertical rod near to my seat with left hand and hold my seat head rest with right hand.
I can feel my shoulder is touching her right thighs and hip area. But she never bothered. At most she is resting her hip on my shoulder and her body is resting on the rod which goes btw her boobs. I got excited by seeing rod btw boobs. Her saree pallu also lightly lowered and that raised me greatly.
I too increased pressure on her hip and thighs area with my shoulder. I raised my hand and hold the rod which was places exactly between her thighs but heart beat raised and I had silent look at her boobs which is exactly above my head after 10 minutes
I can feel my hand exactly between her legs and touching both thighs near her saree folding. I slowly moved my hand upwards with lots of fear and she can clearly feel my moving hand it was that much close even.
I pressed one thighs while bus jerked but her saree also raised slightly with my hand as I raised more and she immediately went back her saree went to correct passion but I never took my hand. The conductor came to give ticket.
We collected our tickets. She got some free space in front but she never moved. She informed her sister that she is comfortable here. After collecting tickets I again kept my hand in the rod, but she is little far from the rod.
I felt very bad, but in few minutes and the conductor went to my surprise she came near to me stood in the position where I stopped exactly and my fear gone. I felt more grip by her thighs than before.
I saw her and but she neglected to meet my eye contact and saw some were and smiled with more guts I moved my hand more and finally reached exactly below the hot spot. I can feel the heat of her cunt region. But not touched that region with full guts.
I slowly released my forefinger from rod that went inside her saree folding near her pelvic region. She was wearing a sandal colour silk saree. I moved my finger like a snake and touched her thighs and no reaction from her.
I started to play with my finger slowly and boldly and started to make drawings on her thighs with my nail over her saree and sometimes I pushed btw like drilling. I did folding and rising with my finger.
I saw her resting her head on the rod with closed eye and I started to play with all fingers and  tried to give one pinch where I felt her shivering and a small movement that she wide her right leg which gave some space.
I pinch her inner thighs over her saree as I pinched the lights in the bus gone off which immediately made to grab her thighs. I felt that she is moving little closer and found my hand locked btw her thighs.
She came closer than she was before no words. I got a clear green signal immediately raised my hand and started to rub her pussy area hardly and carefully. I forced my finger like tearing her saree and finger her pussy.
At most it’s like entered her pussy if saree is not there my finger must have entered her pussy. I slowly moved my head and rested on her hips and gave a small bite and a strong push in her pussy but she stopped me with her hand and removed my hand but not fully kept on her thighs.
I creased her thighs and pushed her little and she turned little where I saw her bare hip immediately I moved my head and gave a mild kiss but she moved my head away and placed her hand on my shoulder and gave a small pinch.
I too moved my hand towards her ass and creased her ass crack. That time she called her sister near to her and I took my hand. She smiled you sit for some time and gave a pinch on my shoulder and they smiled at each other at most 1 hour gone.
I gave seat to her sister and stood near to her and slowly I touched her ass and creased she adjusted herself and came exactly before me facing me and her ass towards her sister. I can’t get her idea as bus jerked and due to crowd.
I moved little forward towards her and almost our body touched each other. I felt her sharp boobs. I tried to grab the bus rod and I touched her hip. She smiled and she whispered use me gently and she rested her hip on my hand. It was full dark.
I touched her bare hip and creased slowly moved my finger towards her navel if felt her heavy breathing. I entered one finger into her navel and started rotating my finger inside out and she started to moan slowly. We came bore close.
She even touched my tool over my pants and I was in heaven. I moved my hand from her navel placed my hand on the support rod hear her neck teased her by touching her ear neck and shoulder and she was resting her back on the rod. I moved forward and started crushing her body against the rod
My tool was hitting strongly near her stomach at most we are about to enter each other and I crushed her and she moaned hmm and I turned little and pressed her boobs with my shoulder and crushed it when bus jerk most and I will kiss her neck purposeful.
We stood in a position that we can feel our breath fully sometimes and I tried to lick her neck that time she moans hmmmm she whispered please don’t go more than this but I caught her thighs reached her private area and smooched there.
I can fell that she is not able to stand due to pleasure and she released my hand and turned around and this became easier for me to fuck her ass. I started to crease her ass crack with my dick and applied more pressure.
She kept her both hands on the seat head rest and bent little. I want near kept my hand on her holds it with other hand I creased her ass split the ass cheek and positioned my tool and I cursed myself for wearing jeans bit.
I jerked for some time lights in the bus were switched on and I saw her with full sweat and we separated slightly her boobs were hanging. I feel like to fuck her and she smiled at me took her mobile and typed a number and gave a pinch on my hand
I noted that number and dialled immediately and she got the ring which she disconnected and gave a naughty smile and the bus stopped and we separated after 15 minutes and I was walking towards my home I received a message where are you da?
I replied and our chat continued there and I came to know her hubby is a business man and she won’t have any child and he is also not satisfying her properly and their maximum time of sex is 10 minutes and not even penetrate her fully.
He has very small one and out messages chat continued till next day evening and till diwali eve and she enquired about my leave. I at most took 6 days leave and I told I like to meet her.
She told that will happen but you very young to me and don’t worry about that you will definitely get pregnant and she added that her sister watched every this what we did and she enquired once and gave a smile as she know about her hubby well and next story I will explain our greatest time with her and don’t forget for feedback at


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