Encounter In School

I am Ashok, a 18 year old boy with a big toy. Before the Diwali holidays, students of my school were bursting crackers all around. So, to check the students for crackers, our teacher gave me and my friend Aditya, a duty to check the students while going out of the 12th corridor.
Many students were passing through and we were getting bored immensely. It seemed as if the time was not passing. Then we saw her. My eyes first travelled downwards. Her ankle-length socks were nicely shaped around her perfect legs.
My eyes went up. Her short skirt made me go crazy. Her fitted shirt was arched perfectly over her fair body and her face omg! it made me just stare and stare 34 28 32 my friend whispered. My eyes captured her whole figure. It was damn amazing, perfectly awesome.
We were struck on her and there were only the three of us in the whole passage at that time and the wind had that perfect timing. How can I forget that amazing wind and that which opened the doors to more amazing things?
It came and flapped her skirt upwards revealing the inner components. That white piece of cloth was serenely lined covering the intense parts. Her juncture was the most distracting thing I had ever seen in my life. Such was the power of the sight that I could feel hot waves shaking my body.
I noticed my friend. He was in the same condition. My eyes again went back to the most beautiful person I had ever seen (and the most sexy – I admitted) I noticed that she had covered up by putting her hands over her skirt and was seeing straight into my eyes.
She was more than embarrassed and avoided eye contact. To balance the situation I got up and went to her come on it’s fine. There was nobody but the two of us. You needn’t be feeling ashamed. I extended my hand and touched her shoulder and squeezed it gently to show my support.
Man, I wanted her and I wanted to touch her all over her body but look at your dick. Looks like it has already done some dancing and there is nothing to be ashamed of” she said and winked at me. She was hot and yes, she was naughty.
I remember the next second and she put her hand on my trouser where the disturbance had been created due to the penis. She gently massaged it from the outside and came near to me and whispered, “won’t you be kind enough to accompany me?
And then she extended her fingers and after putting them between my fingers she gave me one last hot glance and went away as if signaling me to come after her. I went to my friend what the hell were you saying to her chutiye? Saale ek aur ladki!”
Kuch nahi yaar and I just said it’s okay and there was no one except us and she needn’t be feeling ashamed. By the way, do you know which class is she from? I don’t know about her class but I have seen her with science student’s science? Really? I thought!
You already planning of nailing her? Are you crazy? I will talk to you later. I remember some work you ass come ba. I ran off from there and went in the way in which she had gone she was standing near the gate of the old library.
Her back was turned against me and she was holding the railing. Her waist was tilted to one side with most of her thigh visible. Her posture had to be the sexiest image I had seen. I could hear my heart thumping. I advanced forward without making any sound and put my arms around her waist.
So that hips were touching my arousal. She breathed heavily so desperate?” she said in a playful voice. I can’t help you’re so beautiful and so hot and you too but we’re not doing it here and she pointed to the library gate. It was jammed and abandoned as no one used it.
I with some force opened it and before us lay the basement library which we hadn’t seen for years. She went ahead and after closing the doors I picked her up and went downstairs. There were long rows of table. I kissed her on her forehead, her eyes, then on her lips. 
We continued our smooching till we reached the tables. I released her and then stood very close to her. I continued kissing her and slowly went downwards. I opened the top few buttons of her shirt and slid my hands into them. Her boobs fitted my hands perfectly.
I paused to remove my shirt and vest while she removed her shirt. I was again kissing her on her breast. I took off her bra and licked her nipples. ahh and she moaned. I pressed the other breast while I filled one in my mouth.
She put her hand into my hair and clutched them. She began unlocking my belt and was halfway with my trouser when I bent down and kissed her stomach. Then I unlocked her belt and pulled her skirt down. It was a familiar sight but this case was much different than the previous one.
I looked above to see her. She was looking down at me, nervous but smiling. I kissed her on her panty and she let out a heavy breath. After that I took off her shoes and then slowly took off her white piece of cloth. I knelt down and inserted my tongue into her deep parts ahhh.
She moaned as I inserted my fingers into her vagina. I kept on licking her parts till she was wet and moaning loudly. I slowly went up giving kisses all over her wet and sexy body. I kissed her on her mouth passionately. She pulled my trousers down and then my underpants.
She grabbed my dick in her hands and then started shaking it repeatedly. I picked her up and sat her o the table. She opened her legs and then slowly I guided myself into her. She let out a whimper as I dug myself deeper. I put my hands on her hips and then pushed in again.
I continued the rhythmic pattern aaahhhhh and she cried out loud. I kissed her and then again continued with my work. I pulled out myself and then pushed in again. I did this for a number of time each time she would let out her hot voice. 
After ten minutes, we lay on the table, tired but still full of desire and passion. I will you take it into your mouth?” I asked pointing to my dick.”I am ready to explode no, it’s so big come on, let’s do it after much persuasion. She grabbed my dick and put it into her mouth.
I was full and fired my jets into her mouth. She continued giving me blowjob. It was her first blowjob yet she was doing it extraordinarily. After a couple of minutes, we lay contented, wrapped in each other’s arms. After some time she said now will you take me from the back?
I was surprised that she still wanted more but by the time I was also charged up and ready for the going. I positioned myself accordingly and lay on the table at her back. I moved my hand from her breast to her waist, then to her hips and thighs and then brought them forward and palmed her clitoris.
I pushed her knee up higher and shifted till I was between her legs. I pressed y self against her back and held her thigh up in the air. I drew her hair in my hands and pulled them tightly. Then I slowly pushed myself into her to continue our love-making. The final bell rang and we knew we had made out for a big amount of time.
We quickly got dressed up and ran to the safe, hand-in-hand. This was just the beginning of the many adventures we were about to make, sometimes behind the canteen, or at the corner of the playground- between the trees or even at the washroom. Life is to be enjoyed and who said science students are not hot sometimes they can be hot as hell please tell me your feelings about the story by dropping a mail at paulbaba.mss@gmail.com


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